To say that Charlotte Tilbury makeup is fantastic is an understatement. Whoever that’s used cosmetics from the chic label will have to admit that they are undeniably luxurious, and they have this captivating ability to surround you with a sense of opulence and luxe.

While they are admittedly on the pricier side, what Charlotte Tilbury promises aren’t just mere lip service. They do walk the talk, and most shoppers hardly regret their purchases, be it the all-famous lipsticks to the gorgeous lengendary mascara.

The brand is already big in the States — very evidently with beauty gurus on YouTube vouching for her brand — and is gradually warming up in Asia. You have to try her products to believe it, and come on, even the packaging itself is a plus — how could anyone resist such vintage, classy rose gold editions!

Here are some of the hottest items from Charlotte Tilbury’s cosmetic line, and should you feel like you need to own any of them, simply hit a traveller up on Airfrov!



K.I.S.S.I.N.G Valentine


By now the power and charisma of lipsticks shouldn’t be foreign to anyone. With the many trends that are bombarding the beauty scene, Charlotte Tilbury stands firm by the good ol’ lipstick-in-a-tube. The new colours launched are highly anticipated by makeup gurus, and the colours created are all inspired by Charlotte’s most iconic celebrity clientele.




All lipsticks are either in cream or matte finishes, so there’s something for everyone’s preferences. All colours are extremely feminine, flattering and wearable shades that could be pulled off on any skin tone. Plus, these lipsticks glide on beautifully, without bleeding or feathering — so that you can rock a perfect pout all day long!

Each lipstick costs £24.00 / S$43.00

Unisex Healthy Glow Hydrating Tint


It’s as the name suggests — this tinted moisturiser brings our tired skin to life! It features ingredients for healthy, natural glowing skin. This fabulous unisex cream is SO natural, no one will suspect you’re wearing it!


It’s almost like magic as it morphs to your skin tone for the perfect looking glow for men and women. You get a fully hydrated, naturally glowing skin by just massaging it over your skin.


The Unisex Healthy Glow Hydrating Tint is highly raved about for its simplicity, and versatility. The cream melts easily into the skin, making our skin feel healthier, look healthier and more youthful. This covers whatever we want but doesn’t appear to look like we have anything on our skin. It is definitely very light and simply makes our skin looks better.

Each Unisex Healthy Glow Hydrating Tint costs £35.00 / S$63.00


Lengendary Lashes


The search for the perfect mascara that ‘does it all’ ends here. Charlotte Tilbury has the one mascara that now enables your to have long, fluttery lashes with just a swipe or two.

It’s a multi-tasking mascara that curls, separates, volumizes, lengthens and creates a whole lot of drama. Flick them on your lashes and you’d end up with a three-dimensional curl (goodbye spidery lashes!) that looks just like you have falsies on. What makes it even better is that the mascara contains Marine Glycogen that stimulates hair follicle growth and proliferation of keratin cells and nourishing Tamanu Oil that protects and strengthens your lashes.


The secret to ‘lengendary lashes’ lies in the mascara wand. Cleverly engineered to pick up even the shortest of eyelash (perfect for sparse Asian lashes), the wand coats each and every lash for the oomph that you’ve always been looking for.

Each Lengendary Lashes mascara costs £25.00 / S$45.00


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