Themed Makeup collaborations are widely used by beauty companies worldwide to make us fall in love hopelessly with their products (packaging). Targeting at our weak spot for everything cute and fanciful, their weapons include our favourite characters from childhood memories, to current messaging app and movies. Majority of them were launched exclusively in South Korea, causing worldwide jealousy and shortage of stocks. If they were to arrive in Singapore, there will most likely be a queue!

Here are 10 6 (updated!) limited edition themed makeup collection we wished we had in Singapore :

(#1-4 are new launches we have updated on 25/1/16. The previous post was published on 31/10/15. Some items may be sold out, please check with our travellers for availability!)

character themed makeup

#1 Missha x Line Friends

The Line Friends need no introduction. Iconic characters from the most popular communication app from Japan –  the Line app, gave the makeup line from Missha a fresh new look. The response was overwhelming – we heard from our travellers that stocks for the BB cushion and hand cream were snapped up really fast. We’re waiting for restocks!
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character themed makeup

#2 Skinfood x Snoopy 

In conjunction with the launch of the Peanuts movie, Snoopy and friends collaborated with several vendors in the world including McDonald’s, cinemas and many more. For skincare, Snoopy worked with one of Korea’s most popular skincare brand – Skinfood. Featured on it’s Royal Honey range, sketches of Snoopy and friends were printed on its hand cream, BB cushion and nail polishes. We covered it on our blog, check it out here.

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character themed makeup

#3 A’Pieu x Crayon Shin Chan

How many of you had Crayon Shin Chan – the overly mature little boy with chunky thick eye brows, in your childhood? In this collection by A’Pieu, Crayon’s signature pose is printed on facial wash and I literally smiled to myself when I saw Crayon dancing outfit and pose on the hand cream!
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character themed makeup

character themed makeup

#4 Innisfree x Paul Frank
According to the chinese zodiac, 2016 is the year of Monkey thus it’s no surprise Paul Frank is out to play! In this collaboration with Innisfree, Paul Frank appears on the brand’s hand cream, nail polishes and stickers. The colours & nail art are perfect for CNY! 

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character themed makeup

#5 A’Pieu x Doraemon 

One thing I loved about S.Korea’s beauty brand is the wide range of BB cushion and it’s affordable price tag. Here at A’Pieu, BB cushion can be found at just KRW $9800! (Approx SGD$12). In this collaboration between A’Pieu & Doraemon, you can find anything from Doraemon Air cushion, blusher, eyeshadow, liptint to hand cream.
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character themed makeup

#6 Beyond x Alice in Wonderland
Known for being eco-friendly and cruelty-free, Beyond is another South Korea brand which covers skincare, haircare and makeup. We covered the Beyond x Alice in wonderland collection on our blog previously and received several requests for it’s BB cushion and nail polish. I understand, it’s too magical to resist!
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character themed makeup

#7 Covergirl x Starwars
CoverGirl released a Star Wars-themed makeup collection in September, just ahead of the premiere of The Force Awakens. Designed by legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, the limited edition makeup line is comprised of three nail polishes, six lipsticks and 10 mascaras–all of which sport names that double as lines from the iconic series. It’s all about joining the light or dark side.
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character themed makeup

#8 DHC x Cinderella
Following a series of themed collaborations from S.Korea’s beauty brands, this is one of the first few character-themed collection we’ve seen from Japan. Produced by Japan’s skincare powerhouse DHC, the Cinderella themed make-up collection includes 4 items: Cleansing Oil, Lip/cheek pot, Eyeshadow & Mascara. We also received multiple requests to bring these back from Japan, check it out here:
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character themed makeup

#9 VDL x Kakao Friends 2
This is not the first time VDL has worked with Kakao Friends – characters from one of S.Korea’s most popular messaging app. Earlier this year, we wrote about the first collaboration featuring APeach blusher, eyeshadow and lipsticks which were quickly sold out soon after it’s launched.
As a regular user of the Kakao App, I cannot control myself when i saw the new “VDL Meets Kakao Friends 2” collection with BB cushion, hydro mist & hydro patch. Please get me everything with my favourite character Apeach! (Yes the character which looks like a butt head, is actually a peach!)
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character themed makeup

#10 Disney Princess x Sephora 
Okay this is not exactly a makeup product, but it’s a compact mirror from our favourite american makeup store – Sephora. First launched with 6 different Disney Princesses: Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White & Frozen (Else & Anna). Ariel & Belle seems to be sold out, the rest are available on U.S Sephora store here. Few lucky Airfrov users managed to snag the popular Ariel design: sephora disney compact mirror
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