It’s mooncake season once again. And it’s hard to imagine that these tiny and harmless looking morsels of sweet delicious pastries are actually filled with sugar and calories. As if calories ain’t an issue enough, these adorable character mooncakes are slowly popping up, making the struggle to indulge in mooncakes even harder than before. They taste good and now they look great. Well, we hope you’re not planning on keeping to your diet after reading through this list of adorable character mooncakes that’s all shades of cute!

1. Hello Kitty mooncakes by Wang Yue, Hong Kong

character mooncakes 2016 - Airfrov Blog

Gift Set 1: 6pcs mooncakes with yolk, in Japanese Handmade wooden casing. HKD $298

character mooncakes 2016 - Airfrov Blog

Gift Set 2: 6pcs mooncakes with yolk, with wooden mould and 3 dimension greeting card. HKD $298

character mooncakes 2016 - Airfrov Blog

Gift Set 3: 6pcs mooncakes with yolk and paper lantern with LED. HKD $298
Image credit: Wang Yue

Their signature traditional mooncakes with a salted egg yolk core and fragrant buttery cookie exterior are now made even better with Wang Yue’s Hello Kitty collection. More than just the motif appearing on the pastry, each of the different Hello Kitty set comes with specialised themed packaging as well – from custom-made wooden boxes to unique gift cards and one-of-a-kind carrier bag. Each set with their various permutation of Hello Kitty goodies retails for HK$298 from the Wang Yue website.


2. Doraemon Mooncakes by A1 Bakery, Hong Kong

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Image credit: A1 Bakery

A-1 Bakery just affirmed their brand’s name of being top tier by rolling out their limited edition Doraemon mooncakes that come stamped with the adorable face of Doraemon we all love. But more than that, the Doraemon fever extends to the exclusive carrier bag and case that comes with it. It comes in a gorgeous hue of golden-yellow, emblematic of the eggy fragrance each of these mooncakes comes packed with.  A-1 Bakery is running an early bird price of HK$148 from now till 22 August. Check out a list of their outlets here!
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3. Gudetama Mooncakes by Wing Wah, Hong Kong

job5636_Sanrio_gudetama_WifeCake_photo_Yahoo R2

job5636_Sanrio_gudetama_WifeCake_photo_Yahoo R2

Image credit: Yahoo HK

There’s no reason why the mooncake trend would skip this famous lazy egg that resonates with all our inner slacker. But one thing you shouldn’t be lazy about is getting this highly cute egg custard mooncake from Ronghua Bakery. Besides the great tin casing which can be doubled up with multiple usages, they had a special deal with Yahoo which throws in an extra tote bag, allowing you to fully immerse in the eggy spirit, all for the price of HK$128. Unfortunately, the deal is closed for now, try getting travellers to help you buy at Wing Wah outlets listed here!


4. Star Wars Mooncakes by Mei Xin, Malaysia

darth vadardarth2



Image credit: Meixin

It seems like the universe is asking for a mooncake and Star Wars collaboration. The largest bakery chain in Hong Kong, Mei Xin, has released a Darth Vader (Lava Chocolate flavour) and Storm Trooper (Egg Custard flavour) collection with each of them coming in a sleek a monochromatic packaging. Certainly a futuristic spin on an age-old classic. We’ll let you in on a little tip: Mei Xin has a Malaysia branch where you can get one box at RM $106 per box. Check out their facebook page for more information. Click on the “+” icon on this page if you need travellers at Malaysia to help you buy!


5. Gudetama (Again!!!) Mooncakes by Hung Fook Tung, Hong Kong

Image credit: Eigtest.BeautyExchange

Wiggle wiggle wiggle. You’ll be wiggling this jelly mooncake that seems to very accurately capture the essence of Gudetama! Not only does it come in a collectable tin box and tote bag, the flavours themselves are also a step away from the usual mooncake flavours. Each box costs HK$158, and comes with two bird’s nest lychee pomelo flavoured mooncakes and two aloe vera lychee pomelo flavour mooncakes. Click here for more information.
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Talk about cuteness (and sugar) overload! If you can’t wait to lay hands on these adorable noms, put up a request like our Airfrov users did!