Since Airfrov’s official launch in January 2015, we’ve garnered a group of frequent travellers who have fell in love with the Airfrov concept. Besides earning extra tips from their trips, majority of these travellers shared that they felt a sense of accomplishment when they help others fulfil requests. This satisfaction is the reason why they keep returning for more. The champion traveller of them all is Lilian (username: Lilian).

Lilian makes frequent work trips between Hong Kong & Singapore and occasionally visits China & Taiwan.
Ever since a friend introduced her to Airfrov, she has been hooked to iOS App and fulfilling requests from Hong Kong. We caught her for lunch one day and she was constantly using her phone. When we asked “Lilian what are you doing, are you using Facebook?”, Lilian exclaimed, “No, I’m replying comments on Airfrov!”. Lilian’s partner also shared his frustrations “She’s always playing the Airfrov game!”

Caught on camera: Lilian playing with the Airfrov app during lunch!
Caught on camera: Lilian playing with the Airfrov app during lunch!


We spoke to Lilian to find out about her obsession with Airfrov:

Tell us 5 facts about yourself:

Quirky, weird, odd, crazy and COMPETITIVE.

Tell us about your most memorable travel experience

It has got to be the US west coast and Route 66 girls road trip!
I started at San Fran and went to my hubby’s school and where he lived as a student, went camping and to search for black bear at Yosemite National Park. Flew to mid west US, drove from Oklahoma (not enough annual leave to start from Chicago) through Texas, New Mexico (had the most authentic American version of Chinese food – mushu pork and chow mien), Arizona (where you can find aliens), loop to Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, Nevada and tried to win my first pot of gold, then finally back to California, the west end tip of Route 66. If only there was airfrov then, I would have clean sweep all the Rice Krispies requests! 

Lilian on Route 66

Describe your first experience with Airfrov

My first deal was the Maersk Lego set! It was fun hunting down Kenson at In’s Point and to find out that there’s are so many Lego fanatics out there! The iPhone app is really easy to use! Introduced it to everyone I know who travels a lot!

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 12.45.21 pm

If price/size/weight of the item is not an issue, what’s the one item you wish to have it Airfroved back?

My colleague used to bring chwee kueh back from Singapore (to HK) for us for breakfast. I wished there’s a service to bring that back for me in Hong Kong!

What are the most challenging requests you have encountered so far? 

The whipped cream cover Starbucks tumbler in Japan! I felt defeated when I left Japan… But was so glad when I found the equivalent in Taiwan and Shanghai,  and was able to help fulfil an old request that I had cancelled.

The recent McDonald’s nanoblock sets were like level 10 of the Airfrov game for me! The running around to different stores, getting my colleagues to help me carry the stuff, the packing and labelling which’s whose. Airfrov is a logistics and reality game for me!

Lilian’s earnings per request range from $5 for small value items to $100 for tech items such as Apple watch. This gives her an average of $30 earnings for each request she fulfils. However, Lilian shares that she’s not doing it for the money, in fact, she’s just enjoying the Airfrov game!

Till date, Lilian has clocked in 60 over transactions and 40 raving reviews by requestors.

Check out what others have to say about Lilian:

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 12.50.00 pm
Lilian is the Director of the community of Travellers!

Lilian is now based in Singapore, but will still be travelling to Hong Kong, Taiwan & Malaysia frequently.

If you need her help, post up a request! (unfortunately you can’t specify which travellers you want to accept).

Take a look at what Lilian has to recommend to get in Hong Kong if you have not!

P.S We are always amazed at how Lilian has moved mountains, getting her family members and friends visiting her to help to bring items back to Singapore.

She is indeed the Nick Furry of our community of travellers!