If you are an avid Running Man fan, you must’ve watched one of the latest episodes where the cast members were headed to Switzerland for their respective luxury and shuddering package trips. You would’ve also noticed that Blank Ji-hyo (Song Ji-hyo) was bare-faced when she boarded the plane but still looking so pretty! Curious to find out how Ji-hyo maintains her skin and look?

Celderma Double Layering Mask Running man

This is her secret: upon settling down in the plane, Jihyo immediately took out a unique mask for her chin and placed it on. What mask is that?!

Celderma Double Layering Mask Running man

Celderma Double Layering Mask running man

Sechan and Haha tried it as well.

Celderma Double Layering Mask Running man

Celderma Double Layering Mask running man

Cr: Running Man SBS

Introducing … CELDERMA’s Double Layering Mask

After the episode aired, many running man fans got curious about Song Jihyo’s chin mask. With a little research, it turns out that they were using CELDERMA’s Double Layering mask!

Celderma Double Layering Mask

Celderma also mentioned that the mask was created by Jihyo herself. She suggested the idea of wanting a mask pack that will hydrate and lift her chin so that she can eat all the good food and still be able to look good. Realistic concern coming from a true foodie like her!

Celderma Double Layering Mask

Watch Jihyo work out with the Double layering mask on in her latest CF below:


Celderma Double Layering Mask

CELDERMA promises that after putting on the mask, you can reduce puffiness and achieve a smaller face for 24 hours! You don’t have to worry if it’s going to be uncomfortable as it is designed for comfort! It’s suitable for anyone as it’s extremely stretchy.

Celderma Double Layering Mask

cr: freed77/soo & me

Other than mainly lifting your skin, it will lock in moisture to hydrate, increase elasticity, smoothen fine lines, and reduce double chin!  With all the packed benefits from the mask, you must be wondering how much does it cost?

Not much!

Celderma Double Layering Mask

Cr: soo & me

3 pcs of masks per box is only 20,000 KRW, that’s only SGD$25! Considering the hardwork you have to put in to exercise or the price you have to pay to get your face lifted, SGD$25 for three masks sounds reasonable right?

Colour options!

Celderma Double Layering Mask Celderma Double Layering Mask

Celderma Double Layering Mask

The CELDERMA Double Layering mask comes in three different colours to suit your style: 

Edge Grey, Star Gold and Chiffon Pink

How To Use?

Celderma Double Layering Mask

Celderma Double Layering Mask

First Step:  Separate the transparent film from the mask.

Second Step: Put it on your face carefully and hang it over your ears.

Lastly: Keep it on for 1-2 hours and you are set for the next 24 hours! Your skin will immediately feel lifted and hydrated.


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The CELDERMA Double Layering mask will help cool your skin and increase elasticity. Now you can achieve a small face. 👉 Helps with Elasticity + Cooling + Moisturising + Skin smoothing + Relief Swelling and achieve V-line!

Where to get in Singapore:

Interested? CELDERMA is only available in Korea right now. If you’re not travelling to Korea soon, you’re in luck!

Just post a request on Airfrov and a traveller in Korea will bring it back for you! Each box (3pcs) is going for $30 (including tips to travellers for sharing luggage space and service fee).

Ready to achieve a shaper chin in no time and surprise everyone?

Watch if Celderma Double Layering Mask really works?


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