Many Singaporeans have found a way to buy Shiroi Koibito in Singapore, have you? 

Shiroi Koibito, which means “white lover” is a European styled cookie sold by a Japanese confectionery based in Hokkaido. Sandwiched between two squared-shaped “langue de chat”, Shiroi koibito white refers to white chocolate and Shiroi Koibito black refers to milk chocolate filling. A langue de chat is a French baked white cookie with a light texture that easily melts in your mouth.

Easily found in Hokkaido and Japan’s Airport, Shiroi Koibito have yet to venture to the overseas market, leaving tourists craving for more. Several snack retailers in Singapore have caught on this gap, by providing Singaporeans weekly dosage of White lovers, but at 2.5 times the original price in Japan. For those who craved them badly, paying $22 for a box of $12 seems reasonable to cover the freight charges and time we would otherwise have to fork out to visit Japan.

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Some of you may have asked a friend who’s visiting Japan to buy them for you. This may happen once in a long time, unless you’re fortunate enough to know a helper, frequent traveller. Now, what if I tell you, there’s a shopping hack in Singapore, which can help you get Shiroi Koibito, and anything you want in Japan?


Shiroi Koibito Singapore


It’s time you learn about Airfrov. At Airfrov, we have a community of travellers who are frequently visiting Japan and other countries. Just like getting a friend for help, now you can put up your item request, and our community of travellers who are visiting Japan will be notified. A helpful traveller will accept your request shortly, and offer their help to hand carry it back to Singapore.

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Here, our requestor Gcaili requested for 4 boxes of 24pcs Shiroi Koibito, at SGD $10 above the retail price in Japan. This additional amount serves as a “reward” to our travellers, for helping you bring back the biscuits. Despite the additional “tips”, the value is still cheaper than buying from a retail store in Singapore, especially if you’re buying more than 1 box!

The next time you’re craving for Shiroi Koibito in Singapore, ask our travellers for help!Copy any of the requests here


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Here’s a $5 discount code for your 1st request, see you at Airfrov!
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