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Why love yoga, and we love Lululemon even more. But where can we buy Lululemon apparels at a cheaper price in Singapore?
Some of us know we should order online on the U.S site as it’s cheaper than the retail price in Singapore. However, you may not know that the recent drop in Australian dollars mean that it’s now cheaper to buy from the Australian Lululemon store for the best savings.

We check out some of the hot products, and how much we can save by ordering from Australia:


Lululemon Cheaper Singapore










Cool to Street Bra: AUD $65 (SGD $66) ; USD $52 (SGD $89)
Savings to buy from Australia: $23


buy Lululemon Cheaper Singapore










Wunder Under Pant *Roll Down: AUD $119 (SG $120) ; USD $102 ($140)
Savings to buy from Australia: $20


buy Lululemon Cheaper Singapore










Running in the city tank: AUD $69 ($70) ; USD $64 (SGD $88)
Savings to buy from Australia: $18


That’s an average of 20% savings per item! While it may not seems like a big value if you buy only a single piece, the savings can be huge if you gather your friends for a long shopping list.

Lululemon currently offers free shipping within Australia. The option to ship to Singapore will not allow you to enjoy the 20% savings in exchange rate.

To buy Lululemon cheaper in Singapore, you can get the Airfrov travellers in Australia for help! Once you put up a request on Airfrov, travellers who have registered with us will receive a notification of your request and your willing to pay price. Simply wait for one of them to offer their help!

To help you kickstart, here’s a $5 discount code for use on Airfrov.
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