For the past weeks, a new bakery store opening in Singapore has flooded our social newsfeed. The big hoo-ha is none other than the infamous Jenny Bakery from Hong Kong, which has chosen to open it’s first outlet outside Hong Kong, in Singapore.




Besides the cheers of finally having Jenny cookies available in Singapore, there’s another news that’s boiling amongst fans: the price of the cookies is almost double that of Hong Kong’s prices.

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Jenny Cookies by Jenny Bakery is one of the most-requested food item on Airfrov. Our self-collection centre almost smells like Jenny cookies all the time. When we heard about the new pricing in Singapore, we cannot believe that it costs so much more too. Here’s a price comparison of how much it usually costs to get it via Airfrov travellers:




Why does it only cost $33* from Airfrov? Are they the real thing?
1) They are purchased from the original Jenny Bakery in Hong Kong.
2) It’s cheaper because Airfrov travellers offer up their time & under-utilised luggage space
3) They hand-carry back the delicate cookies from HK to SG, so you can avoid exorbitant shipping fees (So in awe of our helpful travellers!)


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Use Airfrov to get Jenny cookies, redeem a $10 discount code here:

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*$33 include traveller tips but exclude Airfrov charges. 
However, you can use deduct $5 credits with every $20 spend, when you sign up via the button above. 
Pay to travellers: $33 
After Airfrov charges: ($33 x 7%) +$2 = $37.31
Deduct $5 discount code ($37.31 – $5) = $32.31
$5 code only applies to 1st time customer at Airfrov.