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Are you having trouble finding Disney kids shoe here in Singapore?

When it comes to buying shoes for your kids, do you sought after it’s brand, comfort, or just because it has your kid’s favourite cartoon character imprinted on it? What if we tell you we have found the perfect solution that matches all 3 requirements?

Our (kids’) favourite brand Disney has partnered with athletic footwear brand, Reebok, for a series of Disney-themed runners. These functional shoes and mary janes are imprinted with popular characters such as Frozen, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Sofia the First. Prices range from USD $29.99 – $54.99

Top Picks for our princesses:


Reebok Disney Cinderella Mary Jane
Reebok Disney Cinderella Mary Jane


Charm the little one with this Cinderella print Mary Jane! This pair comes with breathable mesh that keeps feet cozy, supported, and well-ventilated. Low-cut with a wide toe box, allows room for toes to flex.



Disney kids shoe singapore - Reebok Frozen Shoe
Reebok Disney Frozen Runner


Let it go, not. Frozen characters are here to stay. These Frozen kicks with Elsa-inspired details offers lightweight cushioning for the ever-active kids. 

For the girls who doesn’t like Frozen & Cinderella, we also saw these value buys available at $39.99 USD:

Disney Kids Shoe Singapore - Reebok Runners
Reebok Sleeping Beauty, Sofia the First Runners

There’s something for the mischievous boys too!

Disney Kids Shoe
Source: Reebok

Where can you find these Disney Kids Shoe in Singapore? 

Reebok stores in Singapore currently do not stock these kids range, and the online Reebok store only ships within the U.S. For the full range of Disney-Reebook shoes, shop here.

To get your hands on these Disney Kids Shoes to Singapore, put up a request on Airfrov and let our travellers bring them back for you!

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