If we were to choose just 1 item from our list of “snacks to buy at Japan airport“, the answer would be, without a doubt, Tokyo Banana! It’s fluffy, not too sweet, and ideal for showing off to our colleagues that we just came back from “Tokyo”. If not for the short 7 days shelve life, we would have lugged a luggage full of this banana filled chiffon cake in different flavors and store them at home.

A piece of comforting news for those with cravings as severe as ours, there are various snacks retailers in Singapore bringing in these Tokyo bananas on a weekly basis. The flip side of this convenience is that you have to pay 3 times the price you paid for in Japan.

Outrageous? We agree.
That’s why you need to check out our latest shopping hack to get cheaper Tokyo Bananas in Singapore.







What is Airfrov? 
When you desire something from overseas, you usually ask a friend who’s travelling to help you buy.
Now, Airfrov is that friend, but with a larger network of travellers so you can get your items faster!
We are a platform that matches requestors (like you) with travellers, to buy anything from anywhere.

How does it work?
Travellers at Airfrov have offered their extra time and luggage space by posting their trips and return date on our site. When you’re craving for some snacks, simply click on “Post Request” and wait for our travellers to accept your offer and bring it back for you!

How much must I pay? 
Find out the price of the item that’s selling overseas, convert it to SGD, and add some tips for the traveller who’s going to help you bring it back. There’s no fixed tips you need to give, just take into account the accessibility, size and weight of the item. If it’s bulky, it’s only reasonable to pay slightly higher tips for the helpful traveller don’t you think? Once the traveller has accepted your offer, you’ll be required to pay additional 7% charges to help us cover payment and administrative charges.

how to buy tokyo banana

1. Describe the items you would like to buy (e.g diff flavors, number of pcs). 2. Include how much you’re willing to pay. This includes some tips for the travellers, but excludes 7% charge payable to Airfrov upon confirmation of transaction.

If you’ve seen a request on Airfrov and would like to have a similar item, simply click on “+” sign on the right corner of the image to duplicate request!

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It’s a real simple method to get cheaper Tokyo banana!

Try it for yourself with a $5 discount code for your 1st transaction!
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