Chanel officially rolled out their spring-summer 2017 collection called Gabrielle, starting a whole new craze among us with the Gabrielle Hobo bag being the next favourite iconic bag! At a starting price of SGD $4760 for the Gabrielle Small Hobo bag, we can’t help but wonder where can we get it cheaper?

Kristen Stewart modelling with Chanel Hobo Bag

Inspired by quilted jackets of jockey players, the top half of the bag is made up with soft, supple and smooth aged calfskin leather. In contrast, the bottom half of the bag is shaped by a sturdy, structured base, providing support and maintaining the construct of the bag. Not only does this spectacular design provides us with aesthetic appeal, it is functional where the strong base averts the bag from toppling and the soft leather enables us to rummage through our bag conveniently.


The bag features a zipper on the top, opening up to a commodious space, ample to fit all our daily essentials. It also comes with a luxurious, elegant silver-tone and gold-tone metal chain sling that allows us to rock the bag in multiple ways. We can sling it across our body, on our shoulder or wrap the chain to wear the bag as a tote. What else is better than carrying our favourite bag everyday while rocking different outfits and looks?

The bag is available in a myriad of colours and 3 sizes – small, medium and large with measurements 5.9’ x 7.9’ x 3.1’ inches, 8.3’ x 11’ x 3.5’ inches, 10’ x 12.4’ x 3.7’ inches respectively.


Want to get the Chanel Gabrielle Hobo bag but not sure where to get it the cheapest? We are here to help! Check out the prices of the bag in different countries for the three different sizes.


Where’s the best place in the world to buy Chanel Gabrielle Bag? 

Chanel Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag - How much does it cost around the world?

Chanel Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag | Style code: A91810


Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag cheapest- How much does it cost around the world?

Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag | Style code: A93824


Chanel Gabrielle Large Hobo Bag cheapest - How much does it cost around the world?

Chanel Gabrielle Large Hobo Bag | Style code: A93825

*exchange rate on 16-06-2017
Source: BragMyBag 2017, SpottedFashion

Based on our research, Europe & UK offers the cheapest price for the popular Gabrielle Hobo bag, with saving of up to SGD $1000-1400 depending on the size!

However, do find out the stocks available as the bag may be low in stock due to the lower price and high demand. For those who are not travelling to Europe anytime soon, try getting an Airfrov personal shopper for help! Airfrov matches shoppers like yourself to travelers who have extra luggage space and time. Paying a tip to the traveller sure beats the cost of an air ticket to Europe!


Points to note about tax refund in Europe / UK

  1. You or your traveller may not be able to get full 20% refund due to service fee charged by tax refund partner (such as global blue, premier tax free etc).
  2. Click here for a simple but very helpful calculator by Global Blue to help you work out the final purchase price after the service charge. It does not apply to all vendors but it provides a good gauge.
  3. Exchange rates are also dependent on the individual shopper’s credit cards, do check with your traveller for a comfortable amount both of you can agree on

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