Why are Burberry Blue and Black label only available in Japan but not anywhere else in the world?


Long Story Short:

In 1996, Britain Burberry gave license to Japanese Company Sanyo Shokai, for a private label targeted at Japanese youths. Sanyo Shokai designed and developed fashion items specifically for the Japanese market – Burberry Blue Label brand for young ladies and Burberry Black Label for the young men.

The blue & black label was a fusion of Japanese girls’ favourite pastels pink & blue colours, with British’s sophisticated look. This product line was marketed and sold under the Burberry brand solely in Japan and was not exported to or sold in other countries.

End of Burberry Blue & Black Label, re-brand to Crestbridge Blue & Black label

In 2015, Burberry decided to enter Japan with their own Burberry branded stores. To achieve that, the license to Sanyo Shokai had to be terminated. They were granted permission to sell its existing Burberry licensed products until June 2016.  Keeping the subcategories – blue & black label, Sanyo Shokai renamed the product line “Crestbridge”.

If you’re looking to buy Blue or Black label from Japan, look out for Crestbridge stores instead of Burberry branded store fronts! 
Blue label store listing here, black label store listing here. See the article at Japan Strategy for the whole story.

Classic checkered monogram, more affordable designs

The Crestbridge label remains popular amongst young Japanese adults and tourists, thanks to its younger styles and friendlier prices (below $1000). One of the most popular design we always receive at Airfrov, is the 2-way bucket bag. Check out their full range of bags here.

Burberry Blue label crestbridge bag

1st row:  Crest Bridge Check Bucket Bag ¥ 32,400 (tax included)

2nd row: Crest Bridge Check 2WAY Tote Bag ¥ 31,320 (tax included) | Crest Bridge Check Ribbon Tote Bag ¥ 19,440 (tax included)

How to get Crestbridge Black & Blue Label in Singapore?

Not travelling to Japan? Unless you can find a web store which imports the Crestbridge label to Singapore, your best bet would be to ask travellers who are visiting Japan to help you purchase from the stores directly. Post a request to buy on our web or on our Airfrov app, our community of travellers will be notified. Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply post up a request for the item you want, with a “willing to pay” price. This includes the cost of the item & some rewards for the traveller.
  2. Travellers who have extra luggage space will offer to buy it for you.
  3. Place a deposit and wait for traveller to bring it back to Singapore

Check out the below requests for Crestbridge bags,  brought back by Airfrov traveller! 

Burberry Crestbridge Bag Request on AirfrovBurberry Crestbridge Bucket Bag Request on Airfrov