It’s in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong…so why hasn’t LINE opened a BT21 shop in Singapore? Singaporean ARMYs, we feel you! The latest collaboration between BT21 x Olive Young will make you want to book a ticket to Korea and splurge on everything. Alternatively, you can get them through Airfrov!

BT21 Olive Young

Launched on 8 June, Olive Young has collaborated with BT21 to release 4 new products; BT21 hand sanitizer (40ml), BT21 perfume body mist (100ml), BT21 makeup puff kit (2 pieces per pack) and BT21 Cleansing band!

Out of these 4 products, 3 of them have individual BT21 characters on them!!! All 8 of them, including VAN!! Who’s your favourite character? Is it drawn by your BTS bias?

1. Hand Sanitizer Gel

BT21 Olive Young

First up on our BT21 x Olive Young list, we have the hand sanitizer gel! Retailing at ₩5,000!

The gel comes in 8 different scents: Passionate Orange (Chimmy), Transform Lavender (Tata), Pinkish Peach (Cooky), Heart Grape (Mang), All-round Lemon (Van), Smart Grapefruit (Koya), Cute Raspberry (Shooky) and Mumbling Apple (RJ)~ Rumor has it that the scent is so delicious, it reminds people of food! Yum ~

2. Perfume Body Mist

BT21 Olive Young

Next on our BT21 x Olive Young list, we have the perfume body mist. The mild body mist will have you smelling sweet and lovely the whole day.

Retailing at ₩10,000 for 100ml, the mist comes in 8 different scents: Passionate Orange (Chimmy), Transform Lavender (Tata), Hot Pink Flower (Cooky), Dance in Herb (Mang), All-round Lemon (Van), Smart Soap (Koya), Cute Blackberry(Shooky) and Mumbling Fig (RJ)~ Keep this close to you, you’ll need it in this summer heat!

3. Make Up Puff Kit

BT21 Olive Young

Not missing out on the BT21 x Olive Young list, we have…cushion puffs! Who here loves cushion puffs? Well, even if you don’t, you’ll be using it soon enough with these cuties~ Each kit comes with two puffs so it will probably last you at least half a year.

4. Cosmetic Container Kit

BT21 Olive Young

A must have on the BT21 x Olive Young list! We love how handy and compact this container kit is, it includes:

– Emulsion Container 20ml x 2ea
– Mist Container 30ml x 1ea
– Cream Container 15g x 2ea
– Date Tag x 2ea

You can now freely bring your toner, lotion and moisturiser about and not worry about spillage! But becareful about losing it especially since they are so cute ~

5. Cleansing Band

BT21 Olive Young

Lastly, what is a cleansing ritual without a cleansing band? Especially if you have a fringe or bangs…keep your hair out of your face with BT21~ Ensure maximum cleanliness with this soft and wide band.


Sadly, we have come to the end of the BT21 x Olive Young list… so what are you waiting for? Get them before they are all sold out! Airfrov it today.

BT21 Olive Young