London is undeniably one of the most visited cities in the world. So you’ve been around the famous sights – hopped on the classic red bus, took a picture with the iconic red phone booth and visited the Buckingham Palace. But with your trip to London coming to an end, the best way to help extend your experience is to bring back a few snacks from the United Kingdom. Here are some snacks from the UK that we’d recommend getting back for your friends/ family/ yourself to help you bring back a piece of London.



(Image: Walkers UK)

1. Walkers Marmite Crisps
Now before you cringe away at the mention of marmite, these potato chips ain’t as bad as it sound. You’d get none of the extreme saltiness associated with this malted yeast extract. Instead, what you get is flavourful crunch in each bite – almost like roasted chicken. Besides, there’s nothing quite as British as marmite itself.

(Image: Sunbites UK)

2. Sunbites Multigrain Crispy Snack
These packets of multigrain snack are so addictive you won’t be able to stop at just one. Each multigrain chip is light and crunchy, yet packed with a great deal of flavour. With a range of flavour from Cheddar to Sour Cream, our favourite has got to be the Sweet Chilli and its adorably pink packaging. These snacks are also significantly healthier so cheers to guilt-free snacking (sort of).


(Image: Englishteastore)

3. Jelly Babies
You know you can’t go wrong when this sweet confectionary has been keeping British children and adults happy since 1918. While biting into each of the baby-shaped gummy might sound and look a little like cannibalism, you’ll want to quickly get over it and sink your teeth into these naturally flavoured sweets that come in flavours like raspberry (Baby Bonny) and lime (Boofuls).

(Image: Tesco)

4. Jaffa Cakes
Think of these cakes like a cake and biscuit hybrid – it is sponge-like but crumbly – and they come coated in a thin layer of chocolate. But the best thing about these tea-time snacks is the orange marmalade center, lending a bright and citrus note that pairs nicely with the chocolate and crumbly cake.


(Image: Amazon)

5. Frazzles
If you love the classic fry-up of an English Breakfast, and you cannot get enough of those streaky strips of bacon, then this snack is perfect for you. Frazzles are bacon flavoured chips that’ll help you tide over that bacon craving no matter the time of the day.

(Image: Burts)

6. Guinness Crisps
Chips and booze complement each other well. But booze-flavoured chips? Now that is revolutionary. Burts Guinness Crisps combines their thick-cut potato chips with the famous Irish stout for a bitter-sweet taste in every bite.


(Image: Morrisons)

7. Prawn Cocktail Pringles
It seems like every country will have their own exclusive Pringles flavour. For the UK, prawn cocktail is so popular that they’ve made it into a can of chips. They come loaded with moorish flavour and certainly pack a punch.



(Image: Cartwright & Butler)

8. Cartwright & Butler
This luxury biscuit brand was founded in Yorkshire in 1981, and has since been creating quality baked goods. But the best part has got to be their classy and gorgeous packaging that makes them perfect as food gifts.

(Image: Whittard)

9. Whittard
Known for their hot chocolate and tea blends, Whittard has been a purveyor of these hot drinks since 1861. More than just the usual tea bends, be spoilt for choice as you browse through their hot chocolate selection, which comes in flavours that include Crème Brûlée and Rocky Road.


(Image: thedieline)

10. Fortnum & Mason
Fortnum & Mason might be a luxury departmental store, but they house their own selection of food items that double up as great gift ideas. With everything from buttery shortbreads to indulgent cookies (Earl Grey Shortbread anyone?), this is a great place to stop by to get some food items for your friends and family.

(Image: Selfridges)

11. Selfridges Selection
This is another departmental store with their own line of food items. Besides being the departmental store in London, their own house brand covers a wide range of classic British fare at affordable prices. It doesn’t hurt that their packaging is sleek and clean, and we like that very much.


Feeling peckish? Put up a request and have one of our returning Airfrov travellers bring back a piece of the UK for you!

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