Hong Kong is the ultimate holiday destination for any kind of traveller — the foodie, the nature-lover, the culture vulture and of course, the shopaholic! At the right time of year, Hong Kong’s weather is cool and crisp, perfect for strolling down its streets, lined with fascinating stalls and remarkable street food. However, the great news for shopaholics is that there are actually many brands that are cheaper in Hong Kong, than in Singapore. Be treated not only to a greater variety of products, but also save a couple of dollars in tax-free Hong Kong!


1. Jenny Bakery

Famous in Hong Kong, Jenny Bakery recently opened its first store in Singapore in late 2015. Before then, we could only dream of their delicious butter cookies. Not only are their cookies hand-made without preservatives and genetically modified ingredients, they serve buttery, melt-in-your-mouth goodness! The cookies are so popular in Hong Kong that more than 5000 cookies can be sold every single day. While a small tin of about 33 pieces here will set you back about $25, it only goes for half of that price in Hong Kong. We had the prices deciphered previously, find out the details here.


2. Esprit


Throw on your fave pair of shades and catch some rays in light denim combos.

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The renowned fashion outlet is readily available across Singapore. However, not only do the Esprit stores in Hong Kong have more items available for sale, it is also slightly cheaper than in Singapore. A shirt that costs about SGD$70 in Singapore, costs just about SGD$64 over there, which makes quite a decent discount of about 10%.


3. H&M

#Denim is patient, so take your time picking your favourites at hm.com. #HM❤️

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Like Esprit, H&M is a popular brand amongst Singaporeans. With 10 stores (and counting) on our shores, H&M is a crowd favourite amongst youngsters for its affordable pricing and celebrity endorsements from the likes of David Beckham and Beyonce. However, long before H&M was in Singapore, locals were flocking to Hong Kong to lay their hands on the pieces from this trendy fashion retailer, and with good reason.
The H&M stores in Hong Kong are substantially larger than in Singapore, with a vastly bigger collection and also cheaper prices.


4. Longchamp

Longchamp is one of the most popular luxury bag brands amongst Singaporeans because of its affordable prices and high quality. The Longchamp bags are soft and light but durable, making it the bag of choice for university students, working adults and even mothers! Get the popular Medium Le Pliage at only about SGD$140, which typically retails in Singapore for SGD$170. Tip: Hunt around the different boutiques to find more varieties of seasonal items on sale.


5. Prada

While Prada is already quite reasonably priced in Singapore, the prices in Hong Kong are even better. There are factory outlets in Hong Kong that sell the Prada bags at outlet prices. Check out the Prada Outlet Store near Horizon Plaza for cheap deals on past season’s designs that may have been available in Singapore. However, rumour has it that the Prada store closes in the evening so to be safe, plan your itinerary prudently so you have sufficient time to visit the many luxury factory outlets in Hong Kong.


6. Adidas

Three Stripes, head to toe. The #SUPERSTAR 80s for women is available June 16th.

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The international sports brand, endorsed by athletes like footballer Lionel Messi and basketballer Derrick Rose, produces shoes that bear great aesthetics and functionality. However, getting shoes from the Adidas stores in Singapore can be pretty expensive and many a times, lacks variety. In fact, there are four Adidas factory outlets in Hong Kong alone, with the largest and most convenient one being the Citygate Outlets Shopping Mall in Tung Chung. Head down to the famed Sneaker Street down at Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok which sells the latest Adidas shoes for 30-50% off the retail price.


7. Nikon

Fashion aside, photography buffs can rejoice as well. If you know where to go, Nikon DSLR cameras purportedly go for SGD$50-$100 cheaper than in Singapore. The only gripe is that cameras bought from Hong Kong are likely to be only covered by local warranties. However, if you were to purchase just the Nikon camera lenses only, those are covered by International Warranties, and not only that, are cheaper than in Singapore. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can even scout around in Hong Kong’s second-hand camera market. A decent second-hand lens can go for 30-50% cheaper than the retail price in Singapore.


If you’re not going to Hong Kong anytime soon, you can engage the help of fellow Singaporeans who are going to Hong Kong to make the purchase for you! Simply post a request on Airfrov, and engage a friendly traveller to buy it back for you!

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