The Bourbon Chocolate Slices went viral when it was launched in Japan but Singaporeans could only drool and wait for it to be up the shelves of our supermarts? Foodies at Airfrov couldn’t wait. We ordered a dozen of these and gave one to our food blogger Alicia for her review. Read on to find out what she thinks!

Knowing my penchant for sweet stuff, the lovely folks at Airfrov kindly gifted me a pack of Bourbon Chocolate Slices from Japan. They resemble packaged slices of cheese sold in supermarkets all over Singapore, and have already made waves in the social media world.

Bourbon Chocolate Slices Singapore

Bourbon Chocolate Slice Singapore

It has prompted several articles from well-known news sites including the Huffington Post, Dailymail and Time.



Astonishing isn’t it, to see how a simple idea like this can blow minds around the world.

Bourbon Chocolate Slice Singapore

Here’s what one can expect to find in a typical packet: Five slices of chocolaty goodness wrapped in plastic film. A silicon pack absorbs moisture and ensures quality of the packaging.

The Bourbon website gives various suggestions on how you may want to try consuming this.


On a pancake!


In a crepe!


Rolled up in a cake!



Anything goes, really. Bourbon Japan also gave us fantastic ideas and recipes on their website here.

Bourbon chocolate slices


For me, having no culinary skills whatsoever, I decided on the less adventurous route.

Bourbon Chocolate Slices Singapore

That’s right, nothing can go wrong with fresh, warm waffles! (Please pardon the overall lack of appeal of this dish – I believe it will look yummier if I strategically placed some whipped cream and berries.)

The chocolate goes on the waffle easily however do aim well when placing it as the slice begins melting upon touching the warm surface; shifting it thereafter is no easy feat. For better results, the chocolate slice can be placed on the waffle before heating both up in the oven. The heat melts the chocolate whilst softening the waffle. What emerges is a fresh warm waffle coated with a shiny layer of melted chocolate.

Bourbon Chocolate Slices Singapore

Two slices of chocolate was a slight overkill; a single slice is already really rich. Eating two together gave me the “heaty” feeling – a warning of an imminent nosebleed.

Being only 2 millimetres thick, or thin for that measure, it is a surprise that the richness of the chocolate can be felt so intensely.

Biting into a chocolate slice vaguely reminds me of biting into a bar of chocolate, albeit a thinner version. It contains all the chocolaty goodness of a chocolate bar, sans the satisfying “piak” sound a chocolate bar makes when bitten into. The texture of the chocolate slice is similar to Royce’s Nama Chocolates, though not as creamy.

Note: each slice contains about 1.3% alcohol.

Bourbon chocolate slices

In Japan, twelve packets (containing five slices each) retails for ¥3,240 (tax included). Each packet is individually wrapped so they make for excellent gifts! Twelve packets for twelve lucky friends! 😉

Bourbon Chocolate slices are only available for sale in Japan right now. If you would like to give it try, simply sign up for an account on Airfrov, and click on “Request Now” in the link below. Travellers who are going to Japan will help you get a dozen of them!

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Images credits: Bourbon Japan