Dr. Seuss once famously said: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” For those of you who live by this motto, this is the perfect place for you to be; for we have compiled a list of bold fashion brands that will certainly keep heads turning when you walk down the streets of Singapore.

1. Skinny Dip London (Only available in London, U.K.)

Your outfit will never be dull if you include Skinny Dip accessories into the mix! Every Skinny Dip product seems to scream the words “LOOK AT ME!”, and will definitely make you stand out on the streets of Singapore. The best part is, Skinny Dip makes sure that there is something for every girl! The hipsters will squeal at the brand’s Unicorn Coin Purse and Glitter Unicorn Phone Case; The feminine ladies will definitely love the Googly Pineapple Case and the Pink Glitter Clutch Bag; while the edgy and cool girls can opt for the Croc Zip Backpack, and the Rebel Midi Tote Bag. My personal favorite Skinny Dip product is the Iridescent Shell Coin Purse! This will officially fulfil my childhood dream to be a mermaid. Well… sorta.

bold fashion brands skinny dip london

Googly Pineapple Case (SGD$30) and Unicorn Coin Purse (SGD$27)

Croc Zip Backpack (SGD$75) and Pink Glitter Clutch Bag (SGD$75)

Image source: SkinnyDip London 


2. Banc (Only available in Korea)

Banc is a youthful Korean brand that sells apparels with adorable lego inspired characters. For those that are obsessed over lego, this is certainly your heaven on earth. Truth be told, you don’t even have to be a die-hard lego fan to love the apparels created by Banc. Just look at the Banc Superman T Shirt and the Banc Mario T Shirt! The best part is, hardly anyone in Singapore would be wearing these one-of-a-kind apparels since Banc is currently still not available in Singapore!

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Scroll to view. Image source: Kaewta 


3. Play No More (Only available in Korea)

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, Play No More’s demure, top handle bags should be your staple wardrobe piece. These adorable bags have been spotted on many Korean celebrities and are extremely popular among the Korean population. The iconic symbol of Play No More bags would be the big cheeky eyes and long eyelashes. It sounds creepy, but it is actually really cute. Let the pictures do the talking!

bold fashion brands playnomore

Image source: Instagram/PlayNoMore


Play No More Tote Bag Sky Blue


Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 5.23.24 pm

Play No More Red Lipmark
Image source: Lazada
Fell in love? Ask travellers to help you bring back these
Playnomore bags from Korea to Singapore! 


4. Aristotle (Only available in Bangkok) Approx SGD$191 – SGD$384.81

With an Aristotle bags clung to your shoulders, you would definitely stand out from everyone else! The rose or bow shaped bags are truly chic and eyecatching; It will look so unique compared to the plain and dull handbag everyone carries. I can already foresee all my friends asking me about this dainty and feminine bag!

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Image source: Aristotle Bags 


5. Limecrime Cosmetics (Only available in U.S.)

Limecrime has been gaining popularity for its intensely pigmented, and unique lipstick colours. Even blogging queen Xiaxue fell in love with Limecrime! (No, she was not sponsored to talk about Limecrime). These pigmented and long lasting lip colours would make your kissable lips the center of attention! My personal favourite shades would be Pumpkin and Suedeberry. However, if, unlike me, you’re extremely adventurous, maybe you’d like Squash, Perlees Denim or Rave. Have we mentioned the Limecrime’s lippies are also surprisingly affordable!?

Omg my MUA for the Her World shoot told me that there is this makeup brand that's "so me" so I went to check it out. That's how my love story with @limecrimemakeup started wtf I bought some stuff in the states and liked them all so much (lipsticks all super pigmented and the velvetines are so matte and long lasting) I bought another batch to send to Singapore and then after that (why did I go check the website again sigh) I saw that they were having a massive sale and all the Unicorn lipsticks are like $5usd and most Velvetines $12usd (KNS I bought some at full price ok) so I bought ANOTHER batch of everything on sale because shipping to SG is only Usd$10.95 flat rate wtf. Anyway this is the colour Cashmere. 💸 #limecrimemakeup #limecrimevelvetines #limecrime Postnote: Wow there are buttloads of bad comments about Lime Crime. 😳 I've heard there are controversies but I never bothered to read too much into it and took the posts with a pinch of salt. Doe Deere seems like one of those chicks people just love to hate: young, vain, pretty and successful. There are also many nasty comments about Michelle Phan, and so many of them I know to be completely untrue plus she's one of the nicest and most ethical + soft hearted people I know. Anyway I'm not endorsing Lime Crime. I just genuinely liked their products and am sharing, that's all. If u guys want to buy, go ahead and do ur research first. Ok? Ok.

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bold fashion brands limecrime

Limecrime Perlees Denim (SGD$24) | Velvetines Squash (SGD$22) | Velvetines Pumpkin (SGD$22)

Image source: Limecrime


6. MCM

Singaporeans should not be a stranger towards leather luxury brand, MCM. MCM is known for its menacing spikes, and trendy designs; and the unique designs that MCM has to offer would make you stand out from the norm! It is no wonder that even Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce are turning to MCM as their go-to bags! While we do have MCM outlets in Singapore, there is no point in denying that MCM bags are so much more expensive here. In Korea, however, you can shop at MCM without burning a gigantic hole in your pockets.

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Scroll to view. Image source: MCM


7. Hood By Air HBA

The edgy HBA took the Kpop world by storm with it’s bold prints, oversized garments and hip hop elements. Even though HBA started off as a menswear label, the seemingly genderless style appeals to both men and women. With the cool and distinctive style of HBA apparel, don’t be surprised when you become the center of attraction amongst your peers. We’ve featured a few of our favorite HBA apparels to share with you guys!

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Scroll to view. Image source: HBA


8. SJYP (Only available in Korea)

SJYP features many nineties-style apparels that are trendy! Many Koreans turn to SJYP for wardrobe pieces that are not too over-the-top, but also not overly boring and dull. My personal favourite SJYP apparels are its denim pieces! Denim is definitely the new black 🙂

[mk_image_slideshow images=”29086,29085,29084,29083,29082″ direction=”horizontal” image_width=”950″ image_height=”600″ animation_speed=”700″ slideshow_speed=”7000″ direction_nav=”true” pagination=”true”]

Scroll to view. Image source: SJYP

If you are as excited as I am to get these bold and beautiful items, ask our travellers to bring them back for you!