The world seems to be caught in a Beauty and the Beast fever. Thanks to the latest movie remake of this Disney classic, our favourite yellow-clad princess has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. And to fuel our obsession with Belle and her fairytale ending even more, brands around the world are releasing Beauty and the Beast themed products. From wallets to streetwear, we’ve rounded up the latest products that will have you feeling like you’re part of the fairytale. 


1. Fennec

We already know of Fennec’s wallet – clean and chic with the most delicious of pastel hues. But now, they’ve enlisted the help of Korean clothing label, Surreal But Nice, as well as Belle and her friends, to make this new collection even more irresistible. Imagine their classic zipper wallets with Belle and the always lovable Mrs Potts. They’ve also got a line of iPhone cases to let you dress up your phone.


2. Lloyd The Gift

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More than just romantic cuts and gorgeous accessories, the people at Lloyd The Gift has dressed up their collection even more. The ‘Be Our Guest’ collection features inspired cuts from the movie, resulting in jewellery pieces that’s fit for any fairytale happy ending. Our favourite has got to be the rose-studded ring in 14K Rose Gold – romantic and regal.

Fans of the movie will enjoy this bracelet dotted with various charms of your favourite movie character – from the charismatic Lumiere to the youthful Chip.


3. Impulse Cosmetics

Known for their line of cruelty-free makeup, this indie makeup brand which specialises in glitter and loose eyeshadow has one-upped their packaging. For a limited-time, you can have your makeup shipped in an Enchanted Rose bottle reminiscent of that in the movie. You can now add some shining, shimmering, splendid (We know, wrong movie but the reference holds) charm into your makeup routine and bedazzle your face.


4. Morishita

This reseller on Rakuten is your answer to laying your heads on soft fluffy iterations of your movie characters. Fancy lying on the Beast’s intense glare and have his manly disposition scare away those nightmares? We’ve got you covered.

If not, let the warmth of Mrs Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth and Chip welcome and lull you into  deep and safe slumber with their friendliness.


5. Disney Store

The rose has undoubtedly a symbolic status in the movie. According to Shmoop, the roses in the movie can be seen as a symbol for love and mystery. It is also just plain pretty and ornate, which makes this Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Crossbody Bag by Danielle Nicole that much more attractive. Its intricate lattice of petals, accented by golden leaves will have you feeling like a Disney princess.


6. Surreal But Nice

Fairytales often come with a sense of royalty – complete with regal costumes and immaculate castles. But this Korean fashion label has managed to weave in this spirit of the movie into our everyday streetwear. Jumpers, caps and t-shirts now come decorated with the likes of Cogsworth, Belle and Mrs Potts – perfect for the young and the young at heart.


7. Primark

There’s no denying that Belle is beautiful. And there’s no better way to celebrate her beauty than to have her on a makeup bag. It comes in a gentle shade of blush pink, with delicate flowers to help remind you that beauty can be found everywhere indeed.

#BeautyAndTheBeast bags from just £4/€5! 🌹 #Primark #beauty

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8. Srichand

This Thai drugstore brand will help you get ready for the ball, or any special occasion, with their Beauty and the Beauty inspired line. The Disney Srichand Translucent Powder will have you looking fresh-faced and luminous like Belle, while the Disney Srichand for Men Oil Control Powder for men (yes this one is for you guys out there) will have your face staying matte all day.


9. Afternoon Tea

Perhaps there’s no better way to have your afternoon tea than to have one with a movie inspired set. Apart from the usual themed crockeries, our favourite has got to be this functional Mrs Potts table lamp that is all shades of adorable.

You can even have your kids dress up for tea with this bib set that is as much cute and it is functional. Enjoy a piece of the the movie’s luxurious meal-time with items from this collection.


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