Travelling can be a hassle, especially when you have to juggle between looking after your valuables and making room for your shopping.

Luckily, form doesn’t always have to trump fashion. You can still be practical while looking chic on your vacation with these bags and accessories. After all, aren’t bags a vital part of your holiday OOTDs?

1. Longchamp le pliage

This stylish tote is known for its sturdy nylon material, perfect if you want to spend the day gallivanting about town without worrying about scratching it. And best of all, its flexible body means you can fit lots of things in it!

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(image: Instagram sandrafreitascarvalhosilverliningbymarta )

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2. Michael Kors Selma tote

Feel like going somewhere fancy during your trip? Now you can with the Michael Kors Selma tote.

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Image: Charlie Marie

Bonus: pockets galore for those who tend to lose their belongings inside their bag.

3. Anello backpack

The in-thing for bagaholics all over the world, this preppy Japanese brand is great for both genders. Like the Longchamp, it comes in many prints to suit your personal style.

bag fashion travel
Image: Instagram @ b_ampairat

Not sure which colour to get? Simply pick an existing request and hit the “I want that too” button on the top right hand corner.

4. Issey Miyake Bao Bao

Match the dazzling night lights of whatever city you’re in with the Issey Miyako Bao Bao that just screams geometric chic.

Psst: We’re a big fan of the Prism Aurora

bag fashion travel
Source: Issey Miyake

5. Cath Kidston luggage tag

There’s no such thing as playing it too safe. Luggage tags are not only great for personalising your luggage, but also vital for helping you identify your bag among a sea of generic blacks and blues on the airport conveyer belt.

Source: Pinterest

No, it doesn’t have to be boring either.

6. Inline bag divider

The absolute must-have for the Type A traveller. Say goodbye to perpetually rummaging through your bag to find the one thing that never turns up when you need it!

Souce: B&H
Source: B&H



7. Marc Jacobs coin pouch

Let’s face it. It’s hellishly tricky to recognise different types of notes in foreign currency, let alone coins which are barely recognisable at first glance in the dark recesses of your wallet. Make life easier with this nifty coin pouch

Source: Airfrov

8. Makeup pouch

Sometimes, you just need that extra touch up for your OOTD.  Youtuber Ssinnim’s SSIN STEALER line-up does the trick, complete with a compact pouch for easy access. 

Source: Airfrov


9. MCM Worldwide backpack

Deck yourself in studded chic and rock that badass Kpop vibe. This brand originated in Munich, Germany, but has since gained widespread popularity throughout Asia.

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Image: Vanessa Lee


10. Prada satin wristlet

Want to leave that bulky wallet of random membership cards at home but don’t want to stuff your money in your pockets? A wristlet does the trick!

bag fashion travel
Source: neimanmarcus

Simply stash your cash and valuables inside and you’re good to go.

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