We all know April Skin for their Magic Snow cushion and Magic Stone facial soap. It seems like their latest launch, the Turn-Up Colour Treatment may be putting the brand back on our radar.

Their latest DIY hair dyes seem to be chucking all our hair-colouring concerns out the window. The dye only lasts 2 weeks, which is perfect for those of us who hate long term decisions. And the colours are so vibrant that you don’t need to bleach your hair before using them! Naturally, the colours would be darker than expected your hair isn’t bleached first though.

April Skin turn-up colour treatment

The best part? Unlike conventional hair dyes, the April Skin Turn-Up Colour Treatment doesn’t damage your hair. Rather, it contains jojoba oil and 20 other herbs to treat and condition it.

With 5 different colours to choose from, your hair colours would be set for the next few months at least.


Orange – Like the conventional brown, but different

turn-up colour treatment


Red – You know what they say, Redheads have more fun

turn-up colour treatment red


Pink – Go wild with a new hot pink do

turn-up colour treatment pink


Turquoise – You’re one step closer to living your mermaid dreams 

Turn up colour treatment green


Peach Pink – Sultry and sweet, who says you have to choose

Turn up colour treatment peach

And if you get bored of the colours currently offered, you can also mix different colours to create your own unique shade!

Need one yet? We know we do. The bad news is that the Turn-Up Colour Treatment doesn’t seem to be available in Singapore yet. Doesn’t mean you can’t still get your hands on it though. All you have to do is place a request on Airfrov and a traveller can help you get one!

Where to get the turn-up colour treatment

How to use Airfrov


Images from: April Skin Korea