Apple is always changing. Their phone functions, new products, software updates – they all get predictable after a while. But this tech giant recently dropped two new collaborations, and it has got the market (and us) shaking in excitement. The Apple Watch Hermès, a collaboration with the luxury fashion label effectively makes the Apple watch a statement piece. While the iPhone PRODUCT(RED) is both bold and meaningful at the same time.


Apple Watch Hermès

Apple Watch Hermes

(Image: Hermès)

Apple Watch Hermès lifts the iconic timepiece into a whole new realm. The timepiece now comes adorned with quality leather straps from the masterful hands of Hermès. Style and function can now exist in what seems to be the ultimate arm candy. So it’ll keep you on top of your busy schedule, all while looking chic. Choose from a classic single tour strap, a unique double tour or opt for the sports band for your active lifestyle.

Apple Watch Hermes Single Tour

Prices start at $1788 for the 38mm Apple Watch series 2 with Hermès Fauve Barenia leather single tour strap.




More than just a bold statement, this new colour way for your favourite phone comes as a collaboration with (RED). Their latest collaboration is dedicated to support HIV/ AIDS programs throughout the world. A portion of the amount earned from every PRODUCT(RED) sold will contribute towards a global fund to raise awareness and help those affected by HIV/ AIDS in countries like Ghana, South Africa and Rwanda.



The price game

The iPhone 7 PRODUCT(RED) retails in Singapore at $1218 for 128GB, and $1418 for the 128GB iPhone 7+. You know we are all about shaving that extra buck. So we also did a little price comparison across the major Apple stores worldwide.

  • The 38mm Apple Watch Hermès with Fauve Barenia leather single tour strap costs £1149 (around $1999.08) and USD$1252 (around $1752.93).
  • The iPhone 7 PRODUCT(RED) costs £699 (around $1216.47) and USD816 (around $1142.48).

You’ll save a modest amount if you ride on the weak USD, but with fluctuating currencies and the constant out-of-stock, we think it might be better to stalk our local Apple website for now. 


(All other images: Apple)