Woohoo! Can we say FINALLY?

Before Carrot Company (the parent company of the popular Anello bags) launched their e-store, they were operating on a distribution model in Japan. Anello bags could be found in small bag retailers in subway stations, a handful of departmental stores and several online web stores such as Rakuten in Japan.


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It was challenging to identify which stores carried the authentic Anello bags; the result was uncertainty and fear of purchasing “inspired” goods. We even shared our experience on one of the suspicious looking bag that stood out from the rest.

As of 1st July, worry no more.

Carrot company has revamped their official website and even expanded to an e-commerce store! This is a dream come true for Anello fans because we’ve always wished that there’s a way we could buy from them directly. Even though there’s still no stand-alone store, we’re elated to have it finally online too! 

Anello official online store


The new e-store provides important information of the colours available, official model number, pricing etc. The clean & sleek website, accompanied with details of each style definitely help in our decision-making process.

Anello official online store


As recommended on our “7 NEW Anello bags with same Roomy Feature“, the other 2 brands managed by Carrot Company – Legato Largo & Paqet du Cadeau also carry pretty stylish bags. I personally love Legato’s range of leather & nylon bags even more than Anello’s canvas series. Previously, we could only view their collection through the limited photos posted on Instagram. Now that we’ve browsed the full collection on their new online store, our wallets are going to suffer! 


Anello official online store


The Paqet du Cadeau line focuses more on small wallets, pouches and accessories like this one below. At an affordable price range of 2000 – 4000 Yen, we can always find reasons to change our wallets.


Anello official online store


Unfortunately, the online store only ships within Japan. If you would like to order from this website, you’ll need to go through a freight forwarder, a friend or a traveller on Airfrov for help.

For those who are visiting Japan, Carrot Co has also published a non-exhaustive list of authorised dealers here.

Happy Shopping!

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