Taking the MRT or bus to school? Or a weekend out with friends to Sentosa or East Coast Park? Take your backpack game to a whole new level with Anello! Why should you own a backpack? A backpack frees up your hands throughout your daily commute to do the finer things in life, like double tapping on that irresistible handsome dude/stunning lady , or whatsapping your BAE. 


anello backpack singapore

Image source: anello_bag on instagram


What’s the hype about Anello?

Originating from Japan, Anello backpacks might just be the next upcoming trend in Singapore. We hear that the Japanese adore these Anello bags as they yearn for a large, yet compact, backpack to stash their barangs-barangs. We see a spike in requests for the Anello backpack on Airfrov, and our amazing Travellers are bringing these hot-selling Japanese bags to our shores.

We have seen and felt the backpack itself first hand and we are loving what we see. Anello backpacks have very comfortable shoulder straps and surprisingly, the bag can fit numerous items despite its compact look. The bag itself is a testament to the designer’s aim of creating the most trendy design in the market while maximizing its functionality.

P.S it looks amazingly cute on girls, ask our interns!

anello backpack singapore
(Anello x Pageboy ¥5,292) 

Don’t worry guys, they have a man’s collection and it looks pretty dope!

anello backpack singapore

Image source: anello_bag on instagram


Limited Edition Anello x Pageboy backpacks (not available in Singapore)

The collaboration between Anello & Pageboy – a popular fashion retailer in Japan, has been the most popular design among our youthful users on Airfrov. These limited edition & roomy backpacks can be found in Japan’s departmental stores or Pageboy’s webstore for a limited time period only.

anello backpack singapore anello backpack singapore


Image source: anello_bag on instagram

Check out their instagram @anello_bag or Anello website to view their latest offerings.

Update on July 2016: Anello has finally launched their online store! It’s now easier to check out the full range of bags. Read about it here. Shop here


Price comparison Japan VS Singapore 

Prices for these backpacks in Japan ranges from 4,500¥ – 5,800¥ (SGD55 – SGD70) and varies by design. In Singapore, a handful of resellers who imported these bags are retailing it for above $100 with limited selection of designs. Through Airfrov, you are able to save more than $20 on your purchase and have a wide selection of choice since you’re getting travellers to buy directly from Japan! 

anello backpack singapore

With Airfrov, you are able to request for the latest and most unique designs directly from Japan – talk about being one step ahead of everyone.

Do check out what Anello has to offer and get your hands on them through the Airfrov community.

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Content by Airfrov interns Kerwin & Desean, editing by Merc.