Now, we don’t mean to be a party pooper here… but take a quick peek at your list of new year’s resolutions for 2017. How many did you achieve? We’ll be unabashed and say that we effectively made — wait for it — none. But 2018 will be different, because we have narrowed down the products needed for us to stay motivated.

As hard as we hate to admit it, we do love material things. And the only way to maximise the potential of these stuff… is to get right into our 2018 new year’s resolutions! Check out our top picks:

To Hit The Gym More Often

Trust us when we say it takes a lot of mental coaxing before we finally feel like dragging ourselves to the gym. Here’s what we recommend. Invest in a set of quality sports bra, or a pair of gorgeous workout sneaks, and you’d feel compelled to put them to use… at the gym!

We recommend:

Lululemon Back In Action Bra

Balenciaga Race Runner Sneakers

To Impress Your Date 

Have you been stuck in a glut, not knowing what else you can get your significant other to truly impress them? Fret not, because 2018 will be different. We have superb superb suggestions — ones that will definitely have your SO squealing in delight.

We recommend:

Dear Dahlia makeup

Coach Compact ID Wallet in Leather

To Be The Next Cool Kid On The Block

Miss that feeling of being the popular kid in school whenever you fished out a pack of candy? Get your hands on some of these trendy items and you’ll soon have friends texting you left-right-centre asking to hang out.

We recommend:

Longchamp Le Pilage Neo

Nintendo Switch

To Be More Productive

In other words, No. More. Procrastination!!! Get all your tasks organised and you’ll soon be checking them off like the productive being you always wanted to be.

We recommend:

Starbucks X Pantone 2018 Planner

Tempus Wood Watch (look forward to our spree in early January!)

To Save More Money

Ah yes. The age-old resolution that more often than not ends up in a bust… because we are always too tempted to pamper ourselves and our loved ones. Over at Airfrov, we aren’t going to ask you to stop spending (the blasphemy, really) — but instead, we’re gonna teach you to be a smart spender.


As a Requester

See something that you like but your wallet says no to exorbitant shipping fees? Put up a request on Airfrov! Our friendly travellers helped fulfil some of the most unconventional requests before, so as long as your request is in our database, our travellers will have access to them.

As a traveller 

As for those who enjoy shopping, but have to stay stuck to window-shopping because of the bank account being in the red, we have a solution that’ll help you earn some side cash while you do what you love. Sign up with Airfrov as a traveller to help our shoppers fulfil requests, or host a spree of your own to earn some moolah when you shop!

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