With Christmas fast approaching, we thought who better to shed light on some of the most exciting and unique products from overseas than some of our top requesters and shopaholics on Airfrov!

With an insight to the latest product trends from overseas, as well as a knack for great taste in shopping, we hope this article will you be useful to you fill up your Christmas wishlist especially if it’s looking slightly bare at the moment.

Airfrov User: Cherriehills (243 Requests!)

For my X-Mas wishlist I’d request the mugs below from USA target. They have wide selections of almost all alphabets available in store, it is so pretty, meaningful and can be given as unique door gifts for the Xmas party guests! I actually got these mugs back for my friends last month from my USA trip and they loved it! 🙂

Target USA Alphabet Mugs

Next up is my family ALL TIME FAVOURITE Red Lobster cheddar Bay biscuit mix from USA. Red Lobster offer free cheddar Bay biscuits to all their customers who dined with them at their restaurant and everyone loved it including my family and myself! So we would grab these mix and bake them at home when we crave for it or when we have guests around. These will totally impress every guest at any Xmas party!

Red Lobster cheddar Bay biscuit mix

Lastly is none other than Hermes! I’ve gotten 2 clic H from my favourite traveller, Valerie. Clic H in certain colours and combination are very hard to come by in Singapore. I’m so grateful for this brilliant platform and an efficient and helpful traveller in helping to get them for me!

Clic H bracelet

Airfrov User: stefcalliope (251 Requests!)

I absolutely love lush products and totally love how they support environment friendly and natural products! Their packaging are way too adorable! I was looking at their lush X-Mas collection from the United Kingdom.

There is also the Cartier perfumed powder, I have the original purchased from USA and it smells heavenly! For it to come out in a powder form is interesting and innovative plus the packaging is dope for Christmas!

Cartier perfumed powder

Nyx products have always been a fave of mine in my must have beauty products! It’s a budget friendly yet great makeup line! The packaging is shaped like a calendar with the lipsticks inside so that is one unique packaging!

Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar

Airfrov User: mrskhan88  (321 Requests!)

To start my wishlist I’d like some of the items from Emma Bridgewater from the UK. They have a number of festive pottery and kitchenware on Christmas sales that make for attractive gifts this Christmas!

Emma Bridgewater Sheath Sets

To add some more kitchenware, I’d love items from Noritake – but the one based in Sri Lanka! They have affordable kitchenware sets made from Porcelain and Bone China!


Noritake Kitchen Sets

And finally, I’d love to get some of the beautiful dresses from Om Prakash in New Delhi!

Om Prakash Dress

If you’ve been struggling what to get this festive season, we hope some of our top requesters have given you some inspiration in just some of the kind of items you can get from overseas this Christmas.

When you’re ready, go ahead and post a request at the link below to have a traveller bring back your Christmas wishlist from overseas!

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