Hi everyone!

As we work hard on building a larger and stronger community within Airfrov, we are taking steps to strengthen the quality of our content and our community of travellers. We would like to share some improvements we’re working on!

Verified and Super Travellers Qualification

We’ve observed that Travellers tend to offer for a request first before checking for stock availability and pricing later on, when they have arrived at the destination country. Unfortunately, this behaviour could result in a disappointment for requestors when they found out that the item is not available after a long wait.

To better manage expectations, we have since implemented Traveller delivery rating to
1) ensure Travellers are confident of fulfilling the request
2) allow Requestors to have a better understanding of Travellers’ past purchase success rate


We are also refining the criteria for the group of elite travellers which we call Super Travellers – they are our top personal shoppers who constantly deliver an amazing experience to our community.

With effect from 2 April, we are raising the bar higher to ensure this group of travellers are the cream of the crop! 

This change will require our Super travellers to have a minimum delivery rating of 85% and above, with an average of more than 4.5 stars ratings. To shorten the waiting time for requestors, we are also reducing the delivery period from 7 days to 5 days (from traveller’s return date). Trips or offers posted in Feb or March 2018 will not be affected by this transition.

In our next app update, you can also look forward to
Reduction in service fee
More delivery options for travellers  

We look forward to sharing these exciting news with you on the next blog update!