Oh Adidas, the singular most dangerous thing that could happen to your pay check or pocket money. Raise your hands if you’ve fallen prey to this popular streetwear brand and their dynamic line of, well, everything. From their 3D mesh bags to personalised gazelles, it sure is difficult to say ‘no’ to the allure of Adidas.

And to add to the challenge, we found their line of Superstar Slip-ons in knit. Call it love at first sight – but we’re sure you’ll agree once you lay eyes on them below:


Blue (BB2120)

Adidas Slip-on knit singapore

This electric blue kick lends some quiet eccentricity to your sneaker game. It makes for a statement piece – both in the gym and on the streets. We found this kick on Adidas Japan for ¥ 9,709 (approx $120), and on Adidas Hong Kong for HKD $599 ($109). 

Bold Onyx (BB2119)

Adidas Slip-on knit singapore

It might not shine as bright as its cousin above, but this muted colourway can still hold attention. The neutral tones make it a versatile accessory to match any outfit, and the subtle hues help you stand out from the crowd. Also available on Adidas Japan for $120, or ¥ 9,709.


Pink (BB2122)

Adidas Slip-on knit singapore

Wednesdays are not the only days you’ll want to wear this mellow peach kicks out. This milky pastel hue adds a soft glow to your #ootd, making you feel light and dainty. Prance around in this kick for KRW $99,000 from Adidas Korea


White (BY2885)

Adidas Slip-on knit singapore

Things that stay ageless: the LBD, Angelina Jolie, and a pair of white sneakers. This white rendition will fit in nicely to your athleisure look, and complement most outfits you have in your wardrobe. It costs €89 from Asphalt Gold, or $136.


Black (BY2884)

Adidas Slip-on knit singapore

That white toe cap makes for a classic Adidas silhouette, but the detailing of this slip-on creates a totally new look, which makes it the perfect excuse to add this to your shoe collection.

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