Looking for Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost 350 but can’t get your hands on them? The recently released Adidas NMD sneakers are probably the next best thing to Kanye West’s Yeezys. The Adidas NMD is one of the hottest sneakers on the market right now. And, if you’re a sneakerhead looking for the next hot pair of shoes to cop, the Adidas NMD might just be for you!

About the NMD

The first of the Adidas NMD sneakers was released on 12 December 2015. Taking design cues from retro sneakers such as the Micro Pacer, Rising Star and Boston Super, the NMD features a sock-like black Primeknit upper, with thick Boost tooling underneath that is enhanced with red and blue elements. A black Stretch Web rubber outsole completes the sneaker.

The very first Adidas Original NMD released on 12 December 2015

The NMD has gained footing (literally) in the past few months and has become one of 2016’s most coveted sneakers with the release and announcement of a hot lineup of new colorways and variants. Check out the gallery below! (Click and drag to view and mouse over the images for more info on the release dates!)

[mk_gallery images=”27394,27363,27426,27396,27373,27374,27352,27350,27351,27372,27357″ style=”grid” structure=”row” row=”0″ scroller_dimension=”400″ thumb_style_width=”500″ thumb_style_height=”350″ enable_title=”true” height=”350″ margin_bottom=”20″]

As seen in the gallery, Adidas has released an obscene number of colorways and variants, such as the Suede and the Primeknit (Adidas’s take on nike’s flyknit sneakers) variants in the past couple of months following first debut of the sneaker.


adidas NMD singapore
Also, check out this Adidas NMD “Japan” rumoured to be released this year. Some of us interns think this shoe is the sexiest ever!

All photos adapted from Hypebeast


Pricing and Availability

The prices for the Adidas NMD starts from US$120 (approx S$170) depending on the model and the colorway of the sneaker itself, with a higher price point for premium models.

The sneaker has become so popular worldwide that most new designs get wiped off the shelves on the day of release, which makes coping a pair a really tall order for most.

The shortage of supply and insatiable demand for this pair has also caused prices on the sneaker resale market to skyrocket.

If you’ve been trying to snag a pair in Singapore, you would have discovered that a pair of these NMDs in any colorway is almost impossible to find without risking authenticity.

Our Solution

Although there are no guarantees, there just might be a way to get your hands on these hot-selling sneakers in Singapore, at a reasonable price. Check out how the Airfrov community is doing it!

adidas nmd singapore

Sneakerheads are requesting for travellers to help them check out the availability in Taiwan, Japan, UK & US. If available, travellers will them bring it back to Singapore at an agreeable price.

Try it out for yourself here!