We live in the age of hyper-personalisation. Everything we own needs to be unique, custom-made, and created specially for you, and only you. How else can we feel special in a world full of people carrying the same Anello bag, Stan Smith sneaker, and oversized tee-shirt, right? Well, we hear you. So here’s presenting six items you can easily stamp your own personal identity on it to make it a true one-of-a-kind, limited-edition item befitting of you. Because you’re worth it.



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Make a pair of kicks that truly defines who you are with Nike Lab. Pick from your favourite base – from Air Force 1 to Air Zoom Pegasus 34 – and slap on your choice of colour and type of material. Micro-manage everything from the sole to the colour of the tongue. Off-the-shelves are just so boring with the infinite possibilities.

2. YSL Lipsticks

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As if you need another reason to buy lipsticks from YSL, here’s another reason: you get to engrave your name, or message, or basically anything on it. But before you start penning out heartfelt letters, these lipsticks can only hold 12 characters, so it’s best to stick to your name, or the usual ‘I LOVE YOU’. Prices start from USD $32. Simply pop by their website, select your desired lippie, and check the “add complimentary engraving” box (yes, it’s ~complimentary~).


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Create your very own M&Ms, complete with an icon, short (and we mean very short) message, and even the colour scheme of your M&Ms. As if the chocolate ain’t sweet enough, things are about to get even sweeter when you present this to your friends, family, or loved ones. At their store in London, there’s always an excitable energy (and fun to kaypo) as you watch people create their very own creation.

Address: Leicester Square, 1 Swiss Ct, London W1D 6AP

4.Caps from Bangkok

Forget personalised passport covers. Wear your heart on your head with personalised caps from HOLYCAPS Thailand. It’s a cheap and thoughtful souvenir (one cap goes for ฿490; two for ฿450 each; five or more for ฿400 each), and you can choose from the many bases that the shop has to offer. Besides, this is one useful accessory that’ll always be weather-appropriate in our sunny island. 

Address: Platinum Fashion Mall, 1st Floor, Room No. 381B 


(Image credit: Ustarnovels)

Now before you yawn and scroll off, haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of a classic novel? To experience a love so destructive like Romeo and Juliet, or explore the wonderful world like Alice in Wonderland. Now you can, and you can bring your friends along for the ride. This website allows you to replace all the characters with names of your own choosing – make you and your friends/ family that star of the novel! Prices start from USD $23.95. 

6.Hair Care

(Image credit: Function of Beauty)

The latest in hair treatment – shampoo and conditioner made specifically for your scalp. From Function Of Beauty, users get to customise their very own hair product. You first take a hair quiz for them to find out about your current hair needs. You then choose hair goals which you would like to achieve for your hair, whether it be oil control or hydration. You can even select the colour and fragrance, and the strength of fragrance that you’d like. Prices start from USD $36. 

Add your own stamp to these personalised items from around the world. Not planning to travel anytime soon? Simply put up a request and have our friendly Airfrov travellers ship them back for you!

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