Before Jenny Bakery had opened an outlet in Singapore, it was pretty normal to queue for hours at their Hong Kong store just to bring back several tins of butter cookies for family and friends. With their availability here, what’s next for us Singaporeans to get our hands on when visiting Hong Kong?

Even for us shopaholics at Airfrov, the must-buy souvenir from Hong Kong remains ambiguous until recently, when we sat down with TV veteran Mr. Robert Chua. The man who brought Tim Ho Wan & Kam’s Roast to Singapore introduced us to his french patisserie in Hong Kong – A La Bakery.

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Insisting on using only the freshest ingredients imported directly from France, A La Bakery is one of the latest French patisserie in Hong Kong to use top-grade ingredients. Mr Chua shares with us that even the water used is french perrier water, as any other sources of water will affect the taste of its pastries – a move which convinced us of his determination to provide only the best.

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When you’re in Hong Kong, include A La bakery on your itinerary to try out their range of bread and pastries. But if you can’t, get your friends to bring back some of these take-away goodies!

Here are the Top 3 take-away goodies we recommend you bring home from A La bakery!

Hong Kong A La Bakery Cookie Flavour
(1) Artisan Gold Cookies
Out of the range of 4 french cookies we’ve tasted, these buttery gold cookies are our favourite.
Individually vacuum packed for freshness, the butter aroma fills the room the moment you release them from the seal. Shaped almost like gold ingots, these artisan butter cookies have gold shimmer on them that makes them look so intriguing.

Those with a discerning palate would be able to taste what makes this butter cookie different from others. They are made with 100% french ingredients, without eggs and preservatives, and are GMO-free.

A La Bakery Hong Kong - Cookies
A La cookies Assorted Bag of 10pcs -HK$108

A La Bakery Hong Kong - Cookies
A La cookies Assorted Tin Box of 18pcs -HK$208

You can grab a bag of 10pc gold cookies, or a tin of 18pcs. For first timers, try their assorted flavours in the same range!


A La Bakery Hong Kong - Yuzu Mooncake

(2) Yuzu flavour Mooncake in Traditional Red Tin
With Mid-Autumn Festival around the corner, A La bakery introduced an east meets west Mooncake mash-up. With the freshest ingredients imported from France, experienced chefs then handmade custard mooncake using traditional recipes and modern baking techniques.

What caught us by surprise was the yuzu flavoured mooncake which was light and not too sweet. Unlike typical custard mooncake that can be ‘jelak’, this yuzu custard mooncake has a refreshing taste that can last us through half, if not the full mooncake.
Our rating? Worth the calories!

A La Bakery Hong Kong - Century Egg
(3) Preserved Duck Eggs / Century Eggs

Surprise surprise! Don’t be taken aback when you find century eggs in a french bakery. These eggs are tested and proven by the team, to be one of the freshest (no scent of ammonia!) we’ve ever tasted.

A La Bakery Hong Kong - Century Egg
HKD $60 for a box of 4
If you’ve tried the famous Yung Kee century eggs which cost HKD $85 a box, you’ll be happy to know that this set of eggs come from the same source! Same great taste, lower price – that’s a secret we can’t keep.


The next time you visit Hong Kong, give this French patisserie a go, and bring back some goodies for your friends & colleagues!

Where to find A La Bakery?
A La Bakery is conveniently located at the below locations:

Two Chinachem Plaza, Connaught Road Central 68 (Facing Connaught Road West Bound), 852 Central District, Hong Kong

Shop GA05, G/F, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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