They say trends are fleeting, yet we can’t help but constantly chase after them. Fashion trends are mostly determined by what designers put out on runways, before trickling down to us, the everyday people. And over at Airfrov we’ve trawled through shots of shots of what’s in for 2018 — so grab some coffee and a notebook, you’re gonna want to take notes.

1. Kirakira Anything

Japanese app Kirakira was undoubtedly the breakout app of 2017. Download it, and you’re bound to get addicted. So of course the lustrous trend gets translated to the fashion side of things… we’re seeing sequins and glitter everywhere — so much they they don’t even need the app to amp up that sparkle level. But of course, we are going to have Kirakira on anything, especially sequins and glitter.

We recommend:

Mango Sequin Embroidered Dress, US$129.99 

ZARA Sequin Dress, EUR39.95

2. New Year, New Scrunchie 

so I'm 💭

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90’s kids will know of the legendary scrunchie. The one hair accessory that we aggressively collected in every single colour and pattern that we could get our hands on… ah, the good ol’ days. Great news though, the scrunchie fad is back, and with celebrities like Ariana Grande sporting them with much style — excuse us, we will be right back with a bunch of different scrunchies soon.

We recommend:

Claire’s velvet and velour scrunchies, £3.50 each

3. Mirco Bags Are The New Black

Fashion has a way of getting us to buy into fads that we once scoffed at. See these micro bags that can barely fit our iPhone X? Yup, they are a thing now — and admittedly, the more we browse through images of models werkin’ them, the more it grows on us. Get your hands on just one for a minimalist chic look, or do it like the fashion pros: sling a couple of these itty bitty baggies for maximum appeal.

We recommend:

Prada Micro Cahier Bag, EUR 1,200

Fendi Micro Kan I F, EUR 740

4. Fine, Fresh, Fringe

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Another nostalgic trend that made the comeback, the fringe fad is something that designers earnestly gave their nod of approval on the runway. Ranging from apparel to accessories and even shoes, you can easily sport fringes any way you like. Now, get that boomerang goin’!

We recommend:

Free People Tinsel Town Jacket, US$399.95

Topshop Reef Fringe Satin Sandals, £20.00

5. Lavender Love

my first born😻💜 wearing all #carlibybelxmissguided 🔮

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Ultra Violet might be Pantone’s colour of the year for 2018, but we’re sticking to the shade’s softer and sweeter sister, lavender. Equal parts pink and lilac, lavender is a good alternative to the millennial pink — and a great way to differentiate yourself (from the basic pack) right from the start of the new year.

We recommend:

Missguided Slinky Plunge Twist Front Dress, £20.00

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