Mooncake festival is almost here! Now, just like chocolate — we’ve never quite met anyone who doesn’t like mooncake. However selecting the right mooncakes for your relatives can be quite troublesome, especially if you’re gifting mooncakes to the more “difficult” people to please – ahem – your in-laws.

A good impression, be it the first or last, always counts. Fret not if you’re a bunch of nerves trying to figure out which types of mooncakes your in-laws would like, we got you covered!

The Old School

Y’know, the ones who see beauty in tradition. You may still get them funky flavours to try, but if you’re looking to score some actual brownie (or mooncake) points, its best you get them the classics.

You can’t go wrong with old school favourites — especially when they’re done exceptionally well. The Kerry Hotel has perfected their classic mooncake flavours; featuring White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolk and Mini Egg Custard mooncakes. These treats will all be made from ingredients sourced from Hong Kong, and will be packed in an elegant gold box with a ripple motif.

White Lotus Seed Paste & Double Yolk Mooncake (Shop here):
HK$310.40 for box of 4.

Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes (Shop here):
HK$230.40 for box of 8.

Wing Wah shouldn’t be a foreign name when it comes to baked goods from Hong Kong. The store only focused one lotus seed paste as their main flavour, which is a classic choice that will never go out of style. Pick from their traditional mooncakes — those come in White Lotus Seed Paste, or their snow skin series, where the “Icy” renditions boast creamy Lotus Seed Paste.

Prices start from HK$230 for a box of 4 solid White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake (Shop here). 

The Luxurious

Ah yes. The ones who won’t settle unless it’s the best of the best, and that applies to mooncakes as well. Your offering not only has to taste good, it has to look good as well.

For those who’re looking to enjoy mooncake like a connoisseur, you won’t go wrong with the made-to-perfection ones from two-Michelin starred restaurant Duddell’s from Hong Kong. Six preservative-free cream custard baked skin mooncakes will be packaged in a limited edition box by Hong Kong based artist-painter Cheng Ting Ting.

HK$368 per box of 6 (Shop here).

Just the name Ritz Carlton already screams luxurious, so you can be sure that half the battle is won when presenting these to your in-laws. This year, look forward to the hotel’s mini egg custard mooncakes that come housed in boxes meticulously designed by students of SCAD Hong Kong.

HK$368 per box of 8. (Shop here

The Practical 

Aesthetics are important, but what’s more important to these in-laws is that you’ve purchased goods that are value-for-money. Don’t bother splurging if your buys are just for a single purpose — and in the mooncake context we mean apart from eating mooncakes, your gift has to double up as something else so that it’s money well-spent.

YUE Mooncake Gift Box by The Westin Kuala Lumpur makes for the perfect gift with its delectable baked skin mooncakes, and the gorgeous box that it comes in. Each box comes with four mooncakes, and you can pick from flavours like Lotus Pandan, Signature Supreme Mixed Nuts, Plain White Lotus Paste (low sugar). There’s also the snow skin option of pure Musang King. The box itself doubles up as a bluetooth speaker too, perfect for parties!

Baked Skin flavours (Shop here): 
RM168 per set of 4.

Right off the bat, the packaging of these Yan Toh Heen mooncakes are not your typical cardboard boxes. Rather, they’re luxurious suede gift boxes, specially created by Hong Kong designer Millicent Lai, the former Chief Homeware Designer of Shanghai Tang. (We already see ourselves using these as jewelry boxes~)

There are a couple of flavours available, such as the Custard Cream and Gold Dust mooncakes to Bu Lang Mountain Centennial Pu Er Tea mooncakes. But what you should be looking out for is the Yuzu-Custard mooncakes — net profits from the sale of this flavour will all go to helping the children from Make-A-Wish Hong Kong!

Prices start from HK$388 for a box of 6 Custard Cream and Gold Dust mooncakes (Shop here).

The Fun Bunch

Forget the same ol’ mooncake pattern each year; these category of in-laws are looking for treats that are designed with ideas out of the (mooncake) box. And you can most definitely win their hearts with character mooncakes — something that has been very trendy lately. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures before indulging in them!

A1 Bakery always has the cutest mooncakes; this year, they’re going for Sanrio characters, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the two colourful sets that the store is offering. Expect to see mooncakes with characters like Little Twin Stars, Hello Kitty, and My Melody imprinted on! These come in classic egg custard flavour with yolk.

HK$168 per box of 4 (Shop here).

Has the Minion trend died down yet? Apparently not, at least not on Brand United’s watch. The crazily adorable Minion mooncakes come in a fun-sized option, housed snugly in tin boxes that can very well be used as lunch boxes or accessory holders. These are bound to sell out fast, so you’ll have to place your orders soon to avoid disappointment. (Shop here)

Tempted to get yourselves and your in-laws these beautiful boxes of mooncakes? Simply put up a request on Airfrov, and a friendly traveller will have your treats flown back for you!