As the highly anticipated (or dreaded) Valentine’s Day approaches, many panicked boyfriends scramble to do last minute shopping for their Valentine’s. This year, however, it is time to improve your dating game. It has always been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, I think many ladies will agree that the same can be said for women! These chocolates are rare finds you won’t get in Singapore, and are undoubtedly cheaper than classic Valentine’s Day gifts like Pandora charms. Not only do you save money, you will certainly earn some brownie points from your girlfriend 🙂


1. Goncharoff X Little Twin Stars Chocolate
(Approximately SGD$7 to SGD$20 before traveller tips)


Image source:  Goncharoff

If you have been a frequent traveller to Japan, you should not be alien to the Goncharoff chocolate brand. In Japan, Goncharoff chocolates are popular for their adorable chocolate designs and rich chocolate taste. For this year’s Valentine’s Day, chocolatier Goncharoff collaborated with Sanrio to create Little Twin Stars themed chocolate. Twin stars Kiki and Lala have been popular animated characters since the early 1980s, and are still very well known today. Your girlfriend will probably squeal in delight when she sees the chocolates shaped in the form of the adorable Little Twin Stars; Then, she will marvel at the exquisite taste of Goncharoff chocolates. To impress your girlfriend, get this limited edition Goncharoff X Little Twin Stars Chocolate that is only available in Japan.


2. Sake flavoured Kit Kat
(Approximately SGD$1.70 for a 3-pack Kit Kat before traveller tips)

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Image source: Buzzfeed

With a plethora of different Kit Kat flavours in Japanese supermarkets, one would assume that Kit Kat would have exhausted almost all possible flavours for its chocolate bars. Evidently, we have been proven wrong, as Kit Kat has recently released Sake flavoured Kit Kat bars! Kit Kat has clearly outdone itself again – this special Kit Kat bar is described to have a fair waft of alcohol, while retaining its rich and smooth chocolaty taste. While other Singaporeans have to settle with generic Kit Kat flavours, your girlfriend will get to enjoy this exotic Sake flavoured Kit Kat, air flown from Japan! Can you even begin to imagine the expression on your Valentine’s face when she discovers the amount of effort you put in just to make her feel special? Copy these requests to get yours via Airfrov travellers!


3. Bourbon Chocolate slice
(SGD$36 for a packet of 60 slices before traveller tips)

overseas chocolates bourbon slicesbourbon chocolate slices

Image source: dailymail and

We can always trust the Japanese to come up with the quirkiest products! Single cheese-like slices of chocolates were released in Japan last year. This chocolate slice has taken the world by storm as it threatens to replace popular chocolate spread Nutella. The Bourbon sliced chocolate can be used on almost anything that is edible, like plain bread and pancakes, bringing added convenience to anyone with a sweet tooth. Besides convenience, the Bourbon Chocolate slices are highly raved to be rich, creamy and even comparable to Royce’s chocolate. These chocolaty slices are definitely worth the calories! We tried it for ourselves, check out our review here!


4. Melt Chocolates Medium Dark Brushed Heart
(Approx SGD$35 before traveller tips)

chocs-heartscroll_2475214k dark_brush_heart.m25jan16171849

Image source: meltchocolates

This is my personal favorite! Melt’s chocolates can all be considered works of art since each chocolate heart has been personally decorated by Melt’s in house chocolatiers. With a gorgeous glimmer of gold, red and pink, the medium dark brushed Heart will definitely make your girlfriend swoon. Here come’s the best part: the chocolate hearts are actually made hollow to allow space for a personalised message! You can have Melt’s chocolatiers place a little scroll inscribed with anything you want. (Though I would personally suggest the 3 big words “I love you”). If you are prepared to have your girlfriend melt into a puddle this Valentine’s Day, post a request on Airfrov to get Melt Chocolates from London!


5. Limited edition Strawberry flavoured M&Ms
(Approximately SGD$4 per packet before traveller tips)

Image source:

Chocolate covered strawberries are popular sweet treats on Valentine’s Day; Hence, it makes perfect sense for M&M to release these limited edition treats filled with strawberry flavoured milk or white chocolate. This chocolate treat also comes in classic Valentine’s Day shades of pink and white, making them a perfect snack for your Valentine’s Day date this coming February 14. This unique combination of M&M chocolates can only be found in Target and Walmart in the United States. Get our Airfrov travellers to hand-carry it back for you!


6. Ochame – Matcha chocolate covered strawberry
(Approx SGD$15.36 before traveller tips)

Image source: rocketnews24

For the matcha lovers, we are happy to share this matcha covered strawberries! Taking one bite into this unique sweet treat, and it is just like drinking a cup of green tea, eating chocolate and a piece of fruit, all at one go. This exclusive 3 in 1 strawberry is coated in white chocolate mixed with matcha powder, the perfect combination of flavors that will definitely make your matcha-crazy girlfriend happy. Copy this request to get yours!


7. Chocolate Lollipop
(Approx $4.34 SGD/stick before traveller tips)

chocolate-lolly-miffy (1) chocolate-lolly-miffy chocolate-lolly-night-owlchocolate-lolly-giraffe

PJ Belgium Chocolates is a chocolate confectionary company that sells homemade and daily fresh chocolates in varied designs. This popular confectionary company released these adorable chocolate lollipops that come in the shape of an owl, giraffe, and popular cartoon character Miffy! These lollies are the perfect gift for your animal loving girlfriend. Made of milk chocolate, they melt in your mouth upon the first bite. Get our travellers to hand carry these animal shaped chocolate lollies from Belgium!


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