Do you know how many products contain Matcha in Japan? We have Matcha snacks, desserts and even beauty products such as cleansing gel, masks and lip balms! This is probably because Matcha is both flavourful and provides plenty of health benefits.

But we’re here for the food! Matcha snacks are highly popular items to shop for souvenirs, such as KitKat, Pocky, and many more. Which can be found in Convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores and souvenir stores in Japan. Here’s our top 7 favourite Matcha snacks.

1. Yoku Moku Cigare Au Matcha

Matcha snacks Japan food

Each container comes with eight cookies

Matcha snacks Japan food

The Cigare cookies are known for their rich buttery taste and crispy yet just moist enough texture. In addition to the subtle Matcha taste on the outside, you will love the matcha-chocolate fillings!

The Cigare au Matcha will be available at Yoku Moku stores across Japan as well as the company’s online shop from March 15 until the end of June at a price of 1,080 yen (SGD$13) for a package of eight cookies.

(Image Credit: Yokumoku)


2. Koikeya Pride Potato Tempura Matcha Salt

Matcha japan snacks potato chip

Matcha japan snacks potato chip

Koikeya boasts that it has the texture of freshly fried tempura as the chips are dusted with a mixture of salt and powdered green tea. But what’s so special about them is that Koikeya suggests that to add the chips into a bowl of Ochazuke.

Ochazuke is one of Japan’s simplest yet most satisfying comfort foods, consisting of a bowl of white rice with green tea poured over it, plus a few seasonings like small strips of nori (seaweed).

(Image Credit: Gigazine)


3. KANPY UJI MATCHA CREAM Green tea spread

Why eat bread with jam and butter when you can now spread Matcha on it?! This spread is specially designed to be used on bread, but can also be used to add a hit of matcha flavour to desserts and snacks as well.


4. Pablo Matcha Chocopie

matcha sweet snacks japan

Sold individually, it is retailing at 97 yen (SGD$ 1.2) each.

matcha sweet snacks japan

A PABLO cheese tart and chocopie collaboration??? Wrapped in a soft cake with Uji Matcha cheese cream and brown sugar syrup fillings. The Matcha chocopie is more fluffy than the usual Choco Pie as there is 1.3 times more than the normal amount of cream.

(Image Credit: Good Luck Trip Japan)


5. Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits

Matcha snack Japan best

Each box contains 6 pieces

Matcha snack Japan best

The Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits are made with rich matcha cream sandwiched by rich cocoa chocolate biscuits.

The ‘instruction’ at the back of the box suggests: First bite: Enjoy the rich aroma of first harvest matcha. Second bite: Enjoy the rich chocolate flavor of the biscuits. Third bite: Enjoy the harmony between the rich matcha and rich cocoa biscuits.


6. Matcha Cake from Ginza (Ginza no Omatcha Cake) by Tokyo Banana

matcha cheap japan snack

The Matcha Cake from Ginza comes in lovely boxed packages available in three sizes: 560 yen (SGD$6.8) for a box of four, 1,080 yen (SGD $13.2) for eight, and 1,500 yen (SGD $18.2) for 12.

The Matcha Cake from Ginza is a trademark fluffy sponge cake with a double filling of “Uji matcha & sweet red bean paste cream” that contains stone-mill ground matcha from Kyoto’s Uji City and sweet red beans from Hokkaido’s Tokachi region, surrounded by an additional layer of decadent “matcha milk cream.”

(Image Credit: Sora News)


7. Kit Kat “Zeitaku Matcha” Onsen Limited Edition

Cheap matcha snacks

 Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! Made with the highest quality tea leaves, you can only find it in hot springs around Japan!


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