In Taiwan, their people take the term ‘convenience’ in their convenience stores very seriously. More than just a quick and easy place you can run to at any time of the day to grab some food or settle some bills, these convenience stores in Taiwan are the epitome of ease and comfort.

Almost like a one-stop multi-functional little store, you can purchase train tickets, enjoy the free wifi, dine in at their sitting area, enjoy printing and photocopying services … and the list goes on. But we are going to zoom in on the convenience food that these stores have to offer and bring you a list of some the must-try snacks!

7.  Spice Tea Eggs

Food Taiwan Convenience Stores

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This unique food item is something that you can only find in Taiwanese convenience stores. They are essentially hard-boiled eggs simmered in an aromatic tea broth, with the fragrance of the tea concoction seeping through and flavouring the eggs.


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This little snack is so popular that it was reported that they help generate an average sale of NT$150 million for one of their convenience store chain, Hi-Life. These humble creations make for the perfect any-time snack.


6. Kagetsu Arashi (Instant) Ramen

Food Taiwan Convenience Stores

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Helming from the popular ramen chain Kagetsu Arashi Ramen, FamilyMart has collaborated with them to create an instant ramen version which promises the same hearty broth and umami flavours at just a fraction of the price.

Food Taiwan Convenience Stores

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You’ll get a knock-off version of the ramen noodles and addictive broth – they don’t taste as good but for a convenience store instant version, we have to say it looks and taste pretty legit.

5. Instant Porridge

instant porridge

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You can now savour the ultimate comfort food in just mere minutes. Porridge, as we known it, takes arduously long cooking process of boiling and simmering to achieve that thick and gooey consistency. But with instant microwave porridge, you can look forward to this classic comfort food (with flavours like century egg and yam) in a mere span of a few minutes – perfect for the chilly weather and cold season.


4. Teriyaki Gyozas

Food Taiwan Convenience Stores
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These little nuggets of deliciousness are now so easily accessible. A few minutes in the microwave and you have yourself a piping hot snack filled with a juicy filling which you can have it on its own, or even better when paired as a side dish to a cup noodle.


3. Instant Cereal

Food Taiwan Convenience Stores

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Often when you’re in the mood for some breakfast cereal (don’t let anyone tell you that you can only have cereal for breakfast!!!), you’ll have to purchase a packet of milk and a separate packet of cereal, which you then have to pour the both of them into another bowl for eating. Satisfying your cereal craving should not be this difficult and luckily, the convenience stores in Taiwan sell a version of instant cereal which comes with milk and cereal together. Simply open the packaging and pour the contents in the cup to enjoy this delicious dish on-the-go!

2. Yams

Food Taiwan Convenience Stores

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Now before you look at us in disapproval, know that the yams sold at their convenience stores are not the usuals ones. They are fluffy and sweet and come served piping hot on heated rocks which make for an adorable presentation.

1. Chun Cui He Milk Tea

Food Taiwan Convenience Stores

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Yes, it’s available in Singapore. But it should not be that hard to lay your hands on a bottle of this delicious tea beverage. And the releases in Singapore don’t even cover half of their entire collection, which include matcha and roasted coffee. So when you’re in Taiwan, capitalise on the fact that it’s everywhere and drink to your heart’s content. And perhaps bring back a few bottles to share.


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Food Taiwan Convenience Stores


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