Travelling the world is always a good idea – visiting Instagram-worthy sights, experiencing various culture, and indulging in traditional cuisine. What’s not so great about travelling? The budgeting. Everything from flight tickets, accommodation, and souvenirs will require money. But we aren’t here to be wet blankets. To help alleviate the cost of touring the world, we’ve rounded up some easy ways you can earn some side money to prevent burning a hole in your wallet.


1. Busking

Unlike Singapore with their regulations on public busking, you can easily sing a tune in exchange for some loose change when you’re overseas. Places like London and most European countries generally welcome buskers. So if you happen to be gifted in the art of singing/ dancing/ performing, it’s time to bust out some moves to help pay the bills.



Brought you laptop along with you? Try browsing through Fiverr for freelance job opportunities you can fulfill, no matter where you are. Skills in demand run the gamut from arts and crafts, to writing, animation, and technology. You choose the jobs you can deliver, according to your schedule.



While you don’t necessarily earn from couchsurfing, you get to save up one accommodation (and potentially a travel guide) when you couchsurf. This is great for meeting locals, and you get to really immerse yourself in the thick of the local culture. Choose to crash people’s couch could adds up on hostel/ hotel costs, so you’ll find yourself saving up quite a bit.


4.Sell photographs

If you’re nifty with a camera, and take gorgeous pictures (c’mon now is not the time to be humble) of your travel, why not make some money out of them. Websites like 500px or Flickr allows you to upload your photos. If others like what they see, they have the option of purchasing it from you.


5. Surveys

Getting paid to fill up questionnaires? It might sound too good to be true, but it does exist. Sign up for an account on My Survey or Global Test Market, and you can be paid for your opinions. The surveys might be a little tedious, but then again there’s no better way to spend that hour long commute than ticking tiny squares that go towards paying for your next meal.


6. Airfrov (of course)

We might be biased, but being an Airfrov traveller is a great (and easy) way to help earn some extra cash. And the best part – you get the excuse to shop while you’re at it. Set up a spree, or accept requests that fit into your shopping itinerary. All you have to do is to pick up a few certain items, bring it back with you with all your barang barang, and you get money! It doesn’t get simpler than that.


Now go forth and explore the world. If you’ll like to be an Airfrov traveller to help alleviate some travel cost, click here to find out more.