6 Unique Mooncakes to buy from Hong Kong
It’s still a few weeks away from the Mid-Autumn Festival and I’ve already placed my order for my favourite mooncake. Are you as excited as I am for the yearly affair?

Every year, I scour through the malls for the widest range of snowskin mooncake and always fall for the creative and visually attractive ones. For the first time in years, my “options” was expanded to overseas bakery thanks to Airfrov. I have no idea how they taste yet, but I’m already falling for some of the cute Sanrio & Disney characters.

Here are 6 unique mooncakes you should try:

1. Hong Kong’s Kee Wah x Ocean Park Panda Mooncake 

In partnership with Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, Kee Wah Bakery has launched Panda series mooncakes in two exquisitely designed gift box. The tower tin box comes with 4 assorted flavors (white & yellow lotus, red bean & chicken ham) while the square shape tin box comes in 4 pcs of standard egg custard. Kee Wah will also donate HKD$5 to Ocean Park Conservation Foundation for every panda themed mooncake set sold.
Airfrov user Christine Wang has already received her panda square box mooncake, check out her request here. 
 Kee Wah bakery Ocean park panda mooncake   Kee Wah bakery Ocean park panda mooncake
image source: Keewah


2. Gudetama Mooncake from A1 Bakery 
Riding on the popular Gudetama character from Sanrio, A1 Bakery has imprinted the character’s lazy egg body into that of a traditional mooncake shape. Sold at HK $138 per box of 4, each purchase also comes with a complimentary Gudetama tote bag.
Dozens of Airfrov-ers have already put up their request, copy their request here. 
gudetama mooncake
More info for purchase here


 3. Tsum Tsum Mooncakes from Maxim’s
Another character mooncake that got the Airfrov-ers into a frenzy is none other than the latest Disney TsumTsum characters. With a choice of snow skin or egg custard mooncakes, Hong Kong bakery Maxim’s packed them in a square tin box imprinted with the cutest Tsum Tsum characters. Each mooncake also takes the shape of the characters, causing an irresistible urge to get our hands on them.
Unfortunately, there are news from Airfrov travellers that the snowskin version is out of stocks. You can still put up requests for egg custard TsumTsum here!
Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 11.49.12 amFullSizeRender 16


 4. Hello Kitty Mooncakes from Hello Kitty Cafe
The character mooncake collection will never be complete without ladies’ favourite – Hello Kitty. These egg custard Hello Kitty mooncake is only available at Hello Kitty Cafe Obrigado Macau & Le Petit Cafe in Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong.
Not going to Hong Kong? Get Airfrov travellers to help!
Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 11.58.04 am

5. Moon cookies by Beyond Dessert 
If you love the taste of traditional mooncake but think it’s too heavy to have one, then maybe this hybrid of mooncake x cookie, Moon Cookies 鋒味月曲奇, created by Chef Nic, Nicholas Tse 謝霆鋒《12道鋒味》 could be your choice. Combination of traditional flavour lotus seed paste + duck egg yolk with buttery crunchy cookie texture, Moon Cookies voucher (HK$230/box) is now on sale at Beyond Dessert, and ready for redemption from 17 Aug – 26 Sep 15.
Try out Chef Nic’s creation, copy this request!

6. Tea Flavoured Mooncakes from Starbucks
Yes, not a bakery, but the international coffee chain store has joined in the mooncake bandwagon. Within countries which celebrates Mid-Autumn festival, Starbucks’ mooncake offerings appear similar but differs in variety.
At Starbucks China, choose from a range of “harmonious blend of fruit aroma and refreshing tea” flavours: Osmanthus Cranberry, Lychee & Raspberry, Blueberry Cheese, Black Tea & Orange Honey.
At Starbucks Hong Kong, choose from Salted Caramel Mochi & chocolate, Green Tea Mochi & Red brean, Espresso & Hojica.
While in Singapore, both traditional and snowskin mooncakes are available.
54f39acee63f473ba362dd13349ffb6d Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 12.49.40 pm
Image source: Starbucks 


You must be hungry for mooncake by now, because I’m just one click away from putting up my own request. All I have to do is get an Airfrov traveller to help me bring it back from Hong Kong.

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Always hungry,
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