A trip to Universal Studios Japan never fails in immersing us in the alternate universe of some of our favourite film series and franchises. And with Japan being the first Universal Studios in Asia, it certainly isn’t short of iconic worlds and backdrops to dip our toes into

Part of the fun of course is getting your hands on some of the replica items and merchandise which lets YOU take home a part of an alternate world with you.

To shed light on some of the ranges featured at the theme park, we’ve put together a list of 6 franchises and their collections that you ought to snag from Universal Studios Japan.

1) Minions

Who said Minion fever has died down? Our popular little yellow friends are still roaming around Universal Studios Japan causing a riot!With the world’s largest Minion area now open at Universal Studios Japan you can immerse yourself in the world of Gru and his minions at the theme park in Japan.

The fun need not stop when you head home as there’s a whole plethora of minion merchandise that you can take home for yourself including minion buns, minion cup holders, minion popcorn holders, minion plushies…you get the picture.

Check out below what you can get your hands on from the theme park!

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2) Harry Potter

When Hagrid exclaimed “You’re a wizard Harry!”, the life of a young Harry Potter was changed forever. Little did he know he would be on an adventure of a lifetime, challenging and overcoming the forces of evil!

You can now be equipped to start your own adventure and immerse yourself in the Harry Potter world with a variety of merchandise from the film. You can head on over to Ollivanders to see which wand chooses you, take a trip to The Three Broomsticks for some grub and grab a delicious Butter Beer and Pumpkin juice, made famous by the hit franchise.


3) Spiderman

If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Spiderman, then you’re in for a treat at Universal Studios Japan. With the Amazing Spiderman ride winning the world’s best ride away for 7 consecutive years, that’s not all there is to look forward to. After you’re done with the world’s best ride, a giant Spiderman themed store awaits you with items including masks, cups, clothing and our favourite, Spiderman instant ramen noodles! Are your Spidey senses tingling yet?

4) Sesame Street

A long-time favourite amongst children and adults alike, you can get your hands on your favourite Sesame Street characters including Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird.

Merchandise from the theme park come in the form Sesame Street mugs, instant ramen, lanyards, keychains and a whole plethora of adorable merchandise making the perfect gift or a treasure to take for yourself back from Universal Studios Japan! Check out Elmo and his friends below:

5) Snoopy

It’s hard to deny how cute Charlie Brown’s iconic pet beagle is and with Snoopy Studios being a major part of the theme park, you’re in for a treat! The adorable pet can be yours to keep at Universal Studios Japan with a plethora of merchandise! Some of our favourites include the loveable plushies, Snoopy plates and pouches!



6) Hello Kitty

This list could never be complete without the most popular Sanrio character of Hello Kitty. After more than 40 years of existence the popularity of Hello Kitty is not to be underestimated! The character has figure headed Japan’s “kawaii” (Japanese cute culture) which grew as the fan base widened for this iconic kitty! And with Japan being the place of origin for the creation of the kitty, Universal Studios Japan is the perfect location to shop for Hello Kitty themed plushies, clothes, mugs, stationary and more!

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