Several Japanese brands have ventured into Singapore over the years. But due to rising rental and manpower costs, prices are not as competitive in Singapore. What are the brands to buy in Japan that are cheaper than in Singapore? Find out and learn how to “tumpang” them back via travellers!


1. Uniqlo

Source: Uniqlo Japan Store, SG Store. Japan price above includes 8% Tax

Pronounced “YOU-nee-klo”, the Japanese casual fashion wear first entered Singapore in 2009, and has soon expanded to 22 outlets in 2015. Besides it’s quality basics line, they also do collaborations with designers and partners such as Line app & Disney. Check out what others have requested to buy back from Uniqlo Japan that are not available in Singapore. Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 5.53.57 pm
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2. Muji

Source: Muji
Japan Store, SG Store 3
Source: Muji Japan Store, SG Store

Known as the “no-brand brand”, it’s simplistic design is uniformed across all it’s household, stationery and clothing line. The price point of a basic cardigan from Muji is comparable to that in Uniqlo and Zara. For greater savings, check out the Japan online store and get your friends or Airfrov travellers to bring it back for you!


3. Bape

Source: Bape Official Japan FB page

Fans of streetwear fashion label A Bathing Ape will be aware that it’s Japanese store offers a wider range of merchandise, at much lower price. A check on this featured Camo waist bag shows a whooping $200 savings! Check out what others Bape products our community are requesting on Airfrov!


4. Samantha Thavasa

Brands cheaper in Japan
Source: Samantha Thavasa Japan Online Store

The dainty, sweet-looking Japanese handbag label and it’s group of sisters brands have opened up in Singapore since 2011. With america model Mirander Kerr as their latest ambassador and mid price range $250 – $500, these bags are popular amongst the young ladies. Check out their Japan online store for more options and value for money.


5. Lush

Unlike the rest of the brands on this list which originates from Japan, Lush was founded in United Kingdom. You can save up to 50% when buying from UK, but prices in Japan are still much cheaper than in Singapore.  Check out what Airfrov user mythopeia requested for!


6. Shu Uemura 

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Source: Shu Uemura Japan Store, SG Store
Shu Uemura is best known for their eyelash curler and highly-raved cleansing oil. By shopping in Japan, you can save 20% off Singapore’s retail price.


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