The plane ticket to the United Kingdom probably didn’t come cheap, so it only makes sense to make full use of your trip there and maximise your purchases. And there is no better way to save money (and still get the full UK experience) than to take the chance and buy brands that are cheaper in UK than in Singapore. After all, when you buy more, you save more right?

Here we round up the top 6 brands that you should go on a shopping spree on!

1. Warehouse 


  brands cheaper UK warehouse

Pictures credit to Warehouse

If you’re looking for well-tailored pieces that are wearable for work and parties, Warehouse is the place to shop. The prints that they have are always trendy and smart — donning the brand’s apparel is most befitting to the well-groomed lady that you are.

Price difference of Stripe Jacquard Skirt:

If you buy from Singapore: S$77.40
If you buy from UK: £15 (Approx S$26.70)
Savings: S$50.70

2. Cath Kidston

brands cheaper UK cath-kidston

Pictures credit to Cath Kidston.

The girly prints from Cath Kidston need no introduction. The best part? Their prints are not just limited to bags (which of course, they are most well-known for), but also incorporated into other fashion items such as shoes. In fact, Cath Kidston also put their prints on everyday household items such as cutlery and tableware so you can take your pick!

Price difference of Large Trimmed Tote:

If you buy from SingaporeS$209
If you buy from UK: £50 (Approx S$89)
Savings: S$120


 3. Lush

brands cheaper UK lush

Pictures credit to Lush.

Famous for the scented bath bombs, LUSH products come in different fragrances and different designs, so you’re bound to find something that floats your olfactory boat! Prices are cheaper by more than 50 per cent, what even?! See what other Airfrov-ers got here.

Price difference of Frozen Bath Bomb:

If you buy from SingaporeS$18
If you buy from UK: £4.25 (Approx S$7.60)
Savings: S$10.40


4. Dorothy Perkins

brands cheaper UK dorothy

Picture credit from Dorothy Perkins.

High street fashion label Dorothy Perkins has fashion-forward styles that girls will be thrilled to sport. They have styles that suit all occasions, and trendy apparel for women of all sizes. And with 52 outlets in over 15 countries, you can be sure that they dish out quality clothing.

Price difference of Navy Stripe Bardot Dress:

If you buy from SingaporeS$56.90
If you buy from UK: £15.20 (Approx S$30.30)
Savings: S$26.60


5. Miss Selfridge 

brands cheaper UK selfridge

Pictures credit to Zalora

If you’re one for sweet floral designs, Miss Selfridge is the brand for you. From flirty to feminine, Miss Selfridge has styles that cater to the modern women of today.

Price difference of Petite Ivory Spot Wrap Dress:

If you buy from Singapore: S$99.90
If you buy from UK: £35.10 (Approx S$62.50)
Savings: S$37.40


6. Nespresso Machines


Picture credit from John Lewis.

For some reason, it’s now considered cool to have a Nespresso machine at home. There’s this joy in watching coffee being dispensed from the machine… it makes you feel like you’re living the life of luxury. But what’s more luxurious is that prices of the machine and the beverage capsules are way cheaper in UK!

Price difference of Pixie Electric Titan Nespresso Machine:

If you buy from Singapore: S$338
If you buy from UK:£139 (Approx S$247.40)
Savings: S$90.60



But… what if you aren’t in UK right now to snag up these good deals? Fret not, you can still do your shopping online, right at your fingertips! Simply upload your desired item to Airfrov like how these other users do and a traveller from UK will do your shopping for you!


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