If there’s anything that could be classified as the ultimate bane of skincare, it’ll be blackheads. Who’s with me on this one — we spend so much time picking at them, trying to extract them with any means possible (pore strips, masks, home DIYS…) and they always seem to come back bigger and bolder.

It’s pretty much safe to say that sometimes, our skin doesn’t know that we’re on the same team.

But that said, when it comes down to skincare, you’d have to admit that the Koreans are definitely in the forefront. Such smooth and radiant skin, free of blemishes… we’d love to have all of that, thank you very much.

So it’s really no wonder that they’ve come up with yet another miracle product that promises to remove blackheads — but this time in a wickedly creative form. We assure you that it is all very exciting.

And that’s not all, do you really think that they’d only stop at blackheads? This nifty contraption also rids your complexion of dead skin, and is also a great makeup corrector tool to have at hand.

Introducing the Cotton Candy Ball from ALIVE: LAB.


They aren’t your conventional gels or masks, but instead are little ‘balls’ that look very much like rock sugar cubes. Don’t be daunted by their appearance though — these little nuggets are actually cotton pads that are pre-soaked in glycolic acid (used in serums, cleansers moisturisers etc), and then shaped into little fun-sized pieces to lock the product in.

We zoom in into the five ways that the Cotton Candy Ball pack could be used:


Pick up the cotton balls with the provided tweezers to avoid any contamination among the unused ones. Then, using either your fingers or tweezers (depending on which mode you are more comfortable with), go ahead and slightly massage your entire face.


This will get rid of stubborn dead skin and leave you with baby soft skin, which will aid in better makeup absorption as well.


You will notice that after a full face of exfoliation, the white cotton ball will turn into a murky grey one, which is surprisingly pretty satisfying to witness. (results may differ)


Black and whiteheads extraction are usually lip-bitingly painful, but they don’t have to be. Using the same method as before, pick up a cotton ball but this time, focus the massaging on problem spots such as nose, forehead and cheeks.

Go at it gently, in quick circular motions.


Now, the product does not promise to instantly remove blackheads, but really, hardly any blackhead removal product could achieve immediate results. Use the cotton balls religiously (every one to two days), and you will soon see the difference — clearer skin with smaller pores.


The cotton balls are made of 100% cotton sheets, so you can be sure that they are super soft to the touch. Run them along your face and apart from getting rid of blackheads and dead skin, these serve the purpose of basically keeping your complexion fresh against other impurities, such as dust and dirt.


Are you one of those girls who can’t seem to apply mascara with getting them on your lids, as well as the under-eye? And getting rid of pesky mascara stains could be such a pain… imagine having to wipe off all the hard work put into that smokey eye look! Or that perfectly set under-eye!코튼캔디볼

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This is where the cotton ball comes into play. Simply dab the ball on the affected area, and wipe it off with a cotton bud. Go ahead and retouch that particular spot and you’re good to go. No major damage caused!


Of course, these cotton balls aren’t meant for heavy duty makeup removal. But for those days where all you have are light eyeshadows and a lip gloss, these puffs could come in handy. Use them to gently wipe away any makeup on the eyes and the lips.

For those who are more anal about makeup removal, these cotton balls could be used after your usual makeup wipes / micellar water, as a rinse to ensure that all residue is being thoroughly removed.

The ALIVE: LAB Cotton Candy Ball pack retails at ₩ 14,000 (S$17.25) for 30 balls in Korea. It’s quite a pocket-friendly price, we must say, for all the skincare benefits and novelty that you’d be getting.

Can’t wait to try it out? Airfrov is holding a pre-order for these innovative cotton balls. Join us right here!