In every company, there is always one person who becomes the ‘office supermom’. It’s not a role that is formally appointed, but an honourary title that one is born into. This person shows care and concern to all his/her colleagues and takes note of the littlest detail, and makes sure to greet you with a big smile the moment you enter the office. Typically, this person is also the most popular colleague of the office.

Meet Sya, Airfrov’s very own operations supervisor and office supermom.

Letterman jacket under the Singapore’s raging heat? No sweat!

People like Sya are a rare find. Her enthusiasm for her job and zest for self-improvement is an inspiration to all of us. Since mothers’ day is just around the corner, we reckon that it is now the best time for all of us at Airfrov to show our appreciation to our favourite office supermom! Why are we so obsessed with Influensya? Glad you asked. Here’s 5 reasons (though tbh we could list more than 50)!

1. Her love for others

Sya has the ability to make anyone feel like the only girl in the world. As long as Sya is around, no joke goes unlaughed. Caili (Airfrov co-founder) would know.

Just like her earrings, Sya is the cherry on top at Airfrov!

Other than delivering magic moments at Airfrov, what most may not know is that Sya is also a certified doula who lends her support to mum-to-bes. Her passion in enriching the lives of others is amazing!

2. Her unwavering positivity

Even on crutches or a wheelchair, Sya will not let a photo op escape. Check out the photo below of Sya with Justin Ang of Muttons in the Morning! Note how effortlessly she rocks her crutches like a clutch.

They see me rollin’, they hatin’.

3. When she brings baby Syakirah to the office

Our day gets instantly brighter on the special occasions when we are graced with the presence of Sya’s daughter, Syakirah. At just two years old, baby Syakirah is already like a superstar in her own right! Just like her mom, Syakirah is a chili padi and has energy radiating off her. Please bring her to the office more often, Sya!

Syakirah’s hips don’t lie

4. When she shares her stories

Sya has a never-ending supply of stories and experiences to share. Sometimes we pretend to listen (kidding!), but most of the time, the stories she share can be quite entertaining… Like how she spat her food out because she thought there was a cockroach in it when what she actually saw was the pleopod (or legs) of a prawn.

Whenever Sya is back from holiday, she always has many stories to tell too! Here’s a video of her learning to speak Russian during her recent trip to Bali!

5. Her infectious laughter

She doesn’t know we wrote this. But when she finds out, Sya is going to release laughter so contagious and hearty that it will make the rest of the office laugh along with her. In 3, 2, 1…

Or you can listen to her hearty laugh in all its glory below:

Sya, thank you for being you and for looking out for all of us at Airfrov. We love you!