Heard the news about the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed rail line starting construction only in 2020 instead of this year? If you’re fretting over having to wait longer for your favourite Malaysia kuehs and snacks, fret no more.

We at Airfrov know how you feel (we feel it too ya), so we’ve begged our travellers to go to Malaysia more often to stock up on the yummy goodies you love so much!  From McDonald’s Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pie to Michelle Soo’s Nonya Chang, here’s a list of the shiokest munchies from across the causeway!

1. Hiap Joo Banana Cake (Johor Bahru)


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The famous Hiap Joo Banana cake from Johor Bahru gets its signature smoky  flavour from being cooked over wood fire in a clay brick, kiln-like oven.

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Even non-banana cake fans will be converted by this! It takes the cake (literally and figuratively) with its fluffy, moist and melt-in-your-mouth texture and slightly charred smoky flavour.

Good news is, no chemicals and artificial flavourings are used, so its subtle sweetness is probably from the all-natural banana. You’ll also love how light and airy it is – one piece is never enough! Sooooo good!

So, what’s secret to these heavenly teatime faves? Well, Hiap Joo 协裕 has not changed its cake making techniques in its nearly 100 years of existence! It still fires up its cakes using wood fire in the same soot-coated, clay brick, kiln-like oven since it was founded.

Bet you can smell the goodness from Singapore!

2. Eureka Popcorn (Malaysia)

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If you love popcorn, you must have heard of Eureka! They’ve just launched the Crispy Chicken Rendang flavour which is totally addictive! Fragrant and savoury, it has those trademark spices you’d expect from the popular Malay dish.

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Yeah we know Eureka’s already in Singapore, but you also know how much more ex it is, right? Comparing with Eureka popcorn in Malaysia, you can get a much better deal! A requester who Airfroved Eureka popcorn from Malaysia can get 2 additional aluminium packs as compared to when you get from Eureka in Singapore. In Malaysia for $34 you can get 6 packs of Eureka popcorn whereas in Singapore’s outlet, you’ll be able to get only 3 packs.

3. Guan Heong Trio Biscuits (Ipoh)

If you’re the type that swears by awards, then it’s time to tick this off your list! One of 6 food outlets in Malaysia to make it to the Top 50 World Street Food list, Guan Heong’s 100% handmade pastries really need no introduction.

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cr: Guan Heong

One box comes with 9 individually-sealed pieces, so you get three pieces of each flavour: Meat Floss with Lotus Paste, Meat Floss with Salted Egg Yolk and Bak Kwa with Lotus Paste.

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Keen on trying? Post a request now and let our travellers to bring it back for you!

4. McDonald’s Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pie (Malaysia)

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cr: McDonald’s Malaysia website

Luxuriously creamy salted caramel. Decadent melty chocolate. Enough said, especially since it’s wrapped in Mac’s signature crispy pie crust that’s used for the beloved Apple pie.

New McDonal’d corn pie is good to try if you’re not into chocolates! The good news is, you can simply just Airfrov it now! No need to brave the nightmarish queues to JB, just ask a traveller to bring some back for you!

5. Michelle Soo’s Authentic Nonya Chang (Malacca)

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There’s more to Malacca than Jonker Street. Ask any Singaporean foodie and he/she will be sure to wax lyrical about the Peranakan or Straits-born Chinese fare.

One of the more coveted Peranakan faves is the Nyonya Chang (glutinous rice dumplings with meat filling), and a good place to get it is at Michelle Soo’s.


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Her version boasts generous fillings of lean pork, candied wintermelon (a must for Nonya Chang), salted fermented soy beans (taucheo) and spices. Equally scrumptious is the rice, which is soft and well-cooked and sports the trademark vibrant blue hue. We hear she also does a version with chicken and another with salted egg yolk.

6. Ang Seng Heong Handmade Peanut Candy (Penang)

Do you always linger by peanut pancake (bee chang kueh) stalls just to get a whiff of the aroma of roasted peanuts? Then you’ll go nuts over this! Ang Seng Heong works the peanuts extra hard to deliver aroma, taste and texture in its variety of candies.

The popular type is the peanut candy (kong th’ng), which you can have on its own or enjoy it the traditional way wrapped in popiah skin (thin paper-like crepe). Flaky on the outside, it melts in the mouth and leaves a chewy texture that is both comforting and nostalgic.

You may also want the peanut sugar (rectangular bar made with roasted peanuts and sesame seeds), or the disc-like peanut cookies.

Ta ta for now! We hope we’ve made you hungry enough to put in your requests today! You know the drill!

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