With just over a month left until Mothers’ Day, it’s time to start thinking about how to show some love to the most important woman in your life. And here’s a wonderful tip… you can never go wrong with bags!

Check out the 6 cutest bags your momma would be thrilled to tote—one for every occasion:

1. A bag for brunch: Charles & Keith In Full Bloom Bag

From the brand we all know and love, Charles & Keith! This beautiful structured bag comes in a pastel pink shade, featuring fine embroidery details that resemble the cherry blossom season.

You can bet that the ever-brunching mum will love to bring this bag to that cool cafe downtown. Launched exclusively in Japan, you can find it here or pre-order it easily on Airfrov here

2. A bag for the farmers’ market: Crestbridge Yarn Bags


Don’t these oh-so-cute yarn bags just remind you of bright sunny days? For the mum who’s into early morning visits to the markets, organic or otherwise, these bags from Blue Label Crestbridge are the perfect size for her essentials.


The bags come in 3 different styles – the tote bag, the bucket bag, and the purse bag, but are all equally adorable, if you ask us! Save yourself a trip to Japan and pre-order the bags on Airfrov here.

3. A purse for shopping: LV Victorine Wallet


A special 2018 Mother’s Day edition from Louis Vuitton! This charming tri-fold wallet made of pink epi leather will flutter every shopaholic mother’s heart.

Find it on the LV store here. You can even get the original at a more affordable rate on Airfrov with the help of travelers all over Singapore! Click here to copy a request.

4. A bag for the office: Tallulah Dion Bag

Tallulah Dion Bag  Tallulah Dion bag

We all know Thailand is a treasure trove of affordable fashion. Check out chic accessory store Tallulah and you can see why they’re so coveted, with their sleek geometric designs in 6 sensible colours—perfect for the working mum!

No time for a shopping spree in Bangkok? Worry not! You can easily copy this request for the trendy DION handbag and get a traveller in Thailand to bring it back to you.


5. A wristlet for everyday use: Coach Corner Zip Wristlet


One must be practical and stylish—which makes these printed canvas wristlets from Coach an amazing gift for Mothers’ Day. The wrist strap and capacity to hold a smartphones and credit cards makes it the ideal size for everyday use, be it short trips to the store or a food run for the kids (you!).

Instead of buying one in local boutiques, save up to $80 by joining this pre-order on Airfrov!