At this age where people “go big or go home”, sometimes less is more. Koreans have embraced the minimalist lifestyle with style. Here are 5 jewellers from Korea who knows a thing or two about accentuating your elegance and femininity with jewellery.

1) OST Jewellery

OST is the go-to jeweller for quality Korean accessories. Made with 925 silver, each piece is the definition of femininity. Collectors of these accessories will absolutely adore browsing through the thousands of dainty pieces.

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Posted by OST on Tuesday, 3 April 2018

OST Spring Collection

OST spring collection

OST x Pokemon Collection

ost pokemon collection

2) Minigold

If the name Minigold sounds familiar to you, it may be because you have seen some of Minigold‘s jewellery pieces on actress Oh Yeonseo from the hit k-drama, A Korean Odyssey.

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[mini ITEM]손오공과 진선미를 이어준 금강고 반지,너와 나를 이어줄 커넥티브 미스링▶반지 특가 프로모션 — Products shown: 커넥티브 미스링(10K) and 커넥티브 미스링(14k).

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This exquisite and minimalist Korean jewellery by Minigold is made with gold, that is accentuated with treasured materials such as mother of pearl.

3) Lloyd

This stunning Korean jewellery from Lloyd is made of platinum coated with 10K gold. These sparkly gems will make any girl’s best friend!

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4) Clue

We might have a clue why Clue is one of the most popular minimalist Korean jewellery shops among locals. It’s elegant and budget-friendly as well. How can we say no?

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5) Chuu

Jeans that claim to take 5KG off your look? Above all, Chuu has a range of dainty pieces! Ranging from just $10-$20, this minimalist Korean jewellery is totally worth every dollar.

Chuu minimalist korean jewellery ring