If this article were written 5-8 years ago, the list would have been more than 15. Thanks to the Hallyu Wave, several Korean skincare brands have spruce up in Singapore’s shopping malls. These sweet and clean looking Korean concept stores have either quietly or dramatically (think store opening with guests like Lee Min Ho) entered the market for a slice of the cake.

While we Singaporeans are already spoilt for choice, there are still various brands that have yet to open up physical stores here. Though we may be able to find some online retailer claiming that they carry the original product, we would very much prefer to be safe than sorry when it comes to our face. Here are 5 Korean cosmetics brands you still can’t find in Singapore:
Image Source: Hera.co.kr 

1. Hera
Named after the Greek Goddess, Hera Cosmetics is one of the brands under the biggest skincare/cosmetic player in Korea, Amore pacific. Besides the popular Cell Essence that works just like SK II, they also carry makeup and Homme range for the men. Hera’s price range is comparable to Sulwhasoo, with Hera UV Mist BB cushion at KRW $45,000 (SGD $55) and Cell Essence at KRW $60,000(SGD $73). Ladies can’t resist buying their advertised products because we are convinced that we will look just like the spokeswoman Shin Min Ah & Jun Ji Hyun (actress from My Love from another Star drama) after using HERA’s products.


Image Source: IOPE Facebook Page

Also under the Amore Pacific group, IOPE is based on highly enriched herbal extracts and cutting-edge scientific technology. IOPE claims that 1 IOPE BB Air Cushion is sold every 30 second! The formula-soaked sponge, which contains multiple vitamins, has all the benefits of a BB cream such as moisturizing and anti-aging capabilities. Besides cosmetics, their skin care range also consists of Bio Essence conditioning, moisturing and whitening range


Image Source: www.chosungah22.com

3. Chosungah Raw / Luna 
The brand name derives from the owner herself, Cho Sung Ah, who is Korea’s legendary Makeup Artist to the stars since 1990. Some say that she is the one, who directed the legend of K-Beauty to what it has become today. Chosungah Luna refers to the makeup line and Chosungah Raw refers to the skincare line. They have also launched a new collection named Chosungah 22 with the philosophy “simple and fun”. Check out their website for a Stylenanda look-alike feel, sleek yet catchy!
(Update on March’16: Now available at Sasa Singapore)


Image Source: www.itsskin.com

4. It’s Skin
First impression: the coloured bottles reminds us of Japan skincare brand, Skin Inc. Formulated by specialists in dermatology from leading Korean research institutes, the brand focuses on producing skincare with natural ingredients, and minimal use of antiseptics to achieve irritation-free cosmetics. The most popular item, It’s Skin Power 10 Formula (KRW $9,800 / SGD $12), uses coloured bottles to indicate the various formulas targeted at specific skin problems. At this price, we say it’s worth a try!
(Update on March’16: Opening Soon at Bugis Junction)


Image Source: www.thesaemcosmetic.com & Saem Facebook Page

5. The Saem
In South Korea, BB cushion don’t just sell well when seen on female celebrities; they fly off the shelves when endorsed by male K-pop group too. The Saem, meaning “Spring water” or “fountain” in Korean, engaged pretty boy G-dragon from Big Bang and 5-member group Shinee as ambassadors. The boys took on CFs (commercials) for bb cushion and lipstick range. Their products range from KRW $5,000 (SGD $6) for a concealer stick to KRW $48,000 (SGD $59) for essence set.

All the above brands do not have a physical store in Singapore at time of writing. While we may be able to get Hera & IOPE cosmetics from Singapore’s online retailers, most of them retail at a marked-up price to cover necessary shipping costs.

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