Unless you’ve discovered the secret to immortality, there will come a day when your legs don’t work like they used to before. Be adventurous and see the world before shopping sprees aren’t appealing anymore and adrenaline rush feels like a cardiac arrest! 

There’s no better time for adventure than now – here are 5 incredible cities to hit ASAP!

1. Skye, Scotland


Skye will take your breath away with its majestic castles, charming fishing villages, and vast mountain ranges. There is a great variety of hiking routes for beginners and the experienced to enjoy. Not only that, the landscapes are to die for. 

Don’t like hiking? Immerse yourself in nature in other ways at Skye such as bird watching, or taking a trip on a boat. You could drive with a rented car to the various attractions, taking advantage of the countless photo opportunities without breaking a sweat.

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2. Bagan, Myanmar


Imagine riding on e-scooters with your friends with the whole “wind in your hair, sun on your skin”, with the endless dirt path leading you. Bagan, Myanmar will bring out the free-spirited soul in you.

It’s about 20SGD to rent an e-scooter for A DAY! Fret not, you’ll definitely pick up on riding skills. Explore this majestic ancient city at your own pace; bike without a care on the vast copper plains, and scale to the top of a pagoda to catch the sunrise.

If you feel like ballin’, you can even soak in the splendour of Bagan’s temples from a hot air balloon above. How ~romantic~ and !adventurous!


3. New York City, USA


Bright lights, busy streets, a concrete jungle where dreams are made of – that’s New York, dubbed as the city that never sleeps. Get your dose of urban adventure here, be it queuing for Broadway rush tickets, squeezing onto the subway, or walking for miles in search of the best New York cheesecake.

Fuel yourself up with New York style pizza for energy to explore the Big Apple on foot. It’s the best way to stumble into cafes or chance upon a Broadway musical lottery. The parks in New York seem to have a magical touch to them, exactly like in the movies (Home Alone 2, anyone?). Check out the Strawberry Fields, and you might catch buskers performing classics from The Beatles.

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4. Vang Vieng, Laos


If you’ve always travelled in style, try something new instead and give backpacking a shot – it’ll be another interesting experience to talk about. Vang Vieng would be a great place to start, also known as the backpackers capital of Laos. It’ll be great for the adventurous soul. 

Get ready for lazy days, cruising down the idyllic rivers of Vang Vieng on a tube and with a beer in hand. Tubing is a popular activity among visitors, along with kayaking, zip lining, and trekking. You can also spend a day at the Blue Lagoon, chilling on the swings in the water or checking out the caves nearby. Also, it’ll be really hard to resist the bucket drinks going for a dollar.

Offering a good mix of relaxation and adventure, Vang Vieng is a destination not to be missed when you’re backpacking in Laos. For tips on backpacking, check out how you can do 2 weeks in Laos for less than $400 here!


5. Chefchaouen, Morocco


With blue tinted walls, cobbled streets and picturesque alleys, Chefchaouen (pronounced as shef showen) looks like it’s made for the ‘gram. It’s the perfect getaway from the usual grey and mundane cities, and there are plenty of things to do there on top of admiring the gorgeous architecture.

Check out the town’s rich history in the museum, hike in the mountains near waterfalls, and try the Moroccan cuisine that you don’t get very often at home. You can choose to explore the town, or enjoy a relaxing spa overlooking the scenic mountains in the distance. Chefchaouen isn’t a very common holiday destination, and that’s what makes it such a unique experience for you to get off the beaten path.

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Work can wait, time can’t. Stop blowing your leave on another Bangkok trip – there’s still much to be discovered around the world. Get out there and travel while you’re young, and explore to your heart’s content before adventure becomes just a memory.

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