Let’s face it, Singaporeans know how to shop!

With malls dotted all around the country, Singapore can be considered quite the hub for shopping and with national day approaching there will be various promotions and purchases from many brands featured in ‘The Lion City’. However, despite the great variety of shopping outlets, we still can’t help but wish that there were some brands available in Singapore which currently aren’t.

So let’s get started with the 5 Brands from overseas that we hope will make its way to Singapore before National Day 2018!

1) Primark

Ahh Primark, or Primani as it is also referred to. An affordable franchise that has picked up a wave of popularity possessing a wide variety of items ranging baby and kids, to womens, mens, home ware, accessories, beauty and confectionery. The original Primark store opened in Dublin in 1969 under the name of Penneys and currently has over 320 stores located in eleven countries across Europe and America. So even though Singapore may have lucked out when it comes to having a Primark store, that doesn’t mean that you can’t access the variety of products the brand has to offer!

One of the most popular items by requesters for Primark products are from their Beauty and the Beast collection.

Click through the image below to see what you can request from Primarks Beauty and the Beast collection via Airfrov!

2) Playnomore

The big fluttering eyes – an iconic image that has become hugely popular amongst the Korean fashion international fashion scene is brought to you by the brand ‘Playnomore’. The items and accessories from the brand screams fun and vibrant, with bags including the fluttery lashes available in a plethora of colours ranging from bright yellow and pinks to the more neutral blacks and whites. A Korean brand popular amongst the K-pop elite, that unfortunately does not have a store in Singapore just yet!

However you can get the quirky fluttery eye brand via Airfrov.

Select the image below to see the requests made for Playnomore products and click ‘I want this too!’

3) Winky Lux: Glimmer Balm 

NYC brand ‘Winky Lux’ only uses the most high quality, non toxic and heavily pigmented ingredients in their range of colour cosmetics. In June 2017, the brand announced the launch of its new ‘Glimmer Balm’, which is a holographic effect PH lip balm designed to match ones body temperature with a shimmery effect. The formula reacts with the PH levels of your skin in order to create the most custom and perfect shade of lips just for you. Unavailable in Singapore, we hope this innovative and popular brand makes its way to the shelves of Singapore before August 9th of next year!

A frequently requested item, explore the Winky Lux Glimmer Balm below to post a request through Airfrov!4) Charlotte Tilbury

Another one in the beauty range, this time coming right from the United Kingdom. Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most famous makeup artists in the world, having worked with a plethora of notable clientele including Kate Moss, Rihanna, Jenifer Lopez, Amal Clooney and Cara Delevinge. After over 20 years of experience as a makeup artist she certainly knows all the tips and tricks of the trade. Her vast experience in the industry has helped her to create her makeup and skin care line that has become a hit globally (yet still unavailable in Singapore *giantsadface!*). However, it’s still a huge hit amongst Airfrov users in Singapore, with products in her beauty line having been requested many times.

Click through the image below to explore what Charlotte Tilbury products you can get your hands on via Airfrov!

5) COLOURS by Jennifer Sky

COLOURS by Jennifer Sky, a collection from fashion label Samantha Thavasa and emanating from the land of the rising sun has been extremely popular amongst the nation of Airfrov-ers. With an extensive collection of colours from the glossy faux-leather bags coupled with an extremely affordable price tag of around¥3800 -¥4,104 (approx SGD $50-55) it is no wonder the bag has proven to be a hit. Also unavailable in Singapore, we truly wish to see it in country before NDB2018!

However in the meantime, select the image below to see how you can get items from this hit collection right here in Singapore!

So there you have it, a definitive list of the 5 brands that we wish to see in Singapore by National Day 2018!