*This is a guest post by user Shi Yuan*

Singapore may not be the biggest cosmetics wonderland; but the ever-increasing variety of international beauty products in shops like Sephora can make any make up enthusiast go gaga. Yet, here is something that may disappoint all beauty experts in Singapore – some of the best and popular cosmetic products from the USA are still not found in any of our physical make up stores!

Here are 5 cosmetic brands that are still not available in Singapore, but are seen almost everywhere in America. Fret not; getting them is as easy as posting a requesting on Airfrov!




1. CoverGirl
CoverGirl, an American cosmetic brand, is ranked as the number 1 beauty brand by millennials in the United States. Despite CoverGirl’s popularity in America, this amazing cosmetic brand has not fully hit the shores (or shelves) of Singapore. Sadly, the only CoverGirl product that can be found in Singapore is the CoverGirl Lashblast Volume Mascara. Most of us are still missing out on the good stuff – like the CoverGirl outlast stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation (Approximately $16 SGD). This popular CoverGirl product works as a concealer, primer and foundation, while providing a matte finishing. Many American beauty bloggers and Youtubers swear by this product, some even go as far as declaring this as their “Holy Grail foundation”!

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american makeup brand singapore covergirlamerican makeup brand singapore covergirl

CoverGirl Katy Perry and CoverGirl outlast stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation
Image source: pinterestmakeupalley



2. Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH)

ABH is the perfect cosmetic brand for the ladies who want their eyebrows to be on fleek, or for those that want to discover the wonderful art of face contouring. The ABH Contour Kit ($57 SGD) and the ABH Brow Powder Duo ($23 SGD) are two of the bestsellers for this American based cosmetic brand. Even Kim Kardashian’s favorite make up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, uses the ABH contouring palette to achieve the Kardashian’s flawless contour.

american makeup brand singapore anastasia beverly hillsamerican makeup brand singapore anastasia beverly hills

ABH Contour Kit  and ABH brow powder Duo 
Image source: pinterestbeautybay

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american makeup brand singapore anastasia beverly hills




3. Colourpop
If you are an avid follower of YouTube’s beauty vloggers, then, you should have heard of Colourpop Cosmetics. Colourpop Cosmetics is famous for its intensely pigmented lipsticks (or lippies, as they call it), at a ridiculously affordable price in the United States ($7 SGD). The gigantic range of Colourpop lippies is enough to make a girl swoon! Just do a simple search on Instagram with the hashtag #COLOURPOPME and you will see thousands of girls posing with the most amazing colours on their lips.

american makeup brand singapore colourpopamerican makeup brand singapore colourpop

Colourpop Cosmetics lipstick swatch and Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matt liquid lipstick 
Image source: temptalia and swordbeauty

american makeup brand singapore colourpop




4. Kat Von D Beauty
The founder of Kat Von D Beauty, Katherine von Drachenberg, is an American tattoo artist and musician. In 2008, she channeled her creative juices to create a new makeup line with Sephora USA. Today, Kat Von D Beauty is well known in America for its bold, unexpected products in new vivid colors. However, this popular cosmetic brand is known for more than that. Kat Von D Beauty is widely publicized as a 100% cruelty free makeup line. The most popular item by Kat Von D beauty is the studded lipstick in Lolita ($28 SGD). It is currently the best selling lipstick in Sephora USA! Many beauty gurus rave about how this lipstick is long lasting, and works for almost every skin tone.

american makeup brand singapore kat von damerican makeup brand singapore kat von d

Kat Von D Beauty  Studded kiss Lipstick swatch and Kat Von D Beauty Lolita Lip Duo
Image source: Sephorathebeautylookbook

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american makeup brand singapore kat von d




5. BITE Beauty
This is another one for the lippie addicts! The founder behind BITE Beauty, Susanne Langmuir created the brand with the philosophy “you eat what you put on your lips, so your lipstick should be good for you”. With that in mind, BITE launched different ranges of lipsticks that are made with food-grade, natural ingredients. In addition, their lipsticks are also highly raved to be richly colored and very hydrating on the lips. One tube of BITE beauty lipstick will only set you back by about $34SGD, we say it is definitely worth a try!

american makeup brand singapore bite beauty

Image source: launicasalon
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*This is a guest post by user Shi Yuan*
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