These Taiwanese shampoos have been all the rage not only in their native land but around the region!

Their popularity can be credited to features on “女人我最大”, a Taiwanese beauty talk show also known as “Queen”. The show is such a trusted forum for beauty, health and lifestyle tips for Asian women everywhere that any products they highlight practically fly off the shelves afterwards.

Here are some Taiwanese Shampoo you need to try:

1. Clear Botanical Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff is an issue that plagues many Singaporeans, and our climate and lifestyle is mostly to blame. The constant switch between the hot, humid outdoors and air-conditioned environments wreaks havoc in the moisture levels of the scalp, causing dry flaky dandruff and greasy hair. Certainly not a desirable combination!

Clear Botanical Anti-Dandruff Taiwanese Shampoo(Image credit: @keresawong.l.s)

Clear Botanical, a popular Taiwanese shampoo, targets this embarrassing problem by deeply purifying your pores, banishing dandruff and leaving a fresh and breathable feeling on the scalp.

2. Aquair Oil Control Shampoo

A must-have for people with oily hair and scalp concerns, this Taiwanese shampoo is perfect to combat the sweat and dirt build-up after long days in Singapore’s sweltering heat.

Aquair Oil Control Taiwanese Shampoo(Image credit: @htn_ning)

Formulated by Japanese experts and sold exclusively in Taiwan, the shampoo breaks down excess grease while washing and helps to maintain oil levels afterwards.


3. 510 Volume Twist Shampoo

A brand renowned for its massage oil series that boasts benefits from contouring legs to soothing the uterus, 510 also dabbles in the Taiwanese shampoo arena.

510 Volume Twist Taiwanese Shampoo(Image credit:

Their formula is injected with caffeine to stimulate hair growth, perking up the scalp and making your tresses seem more voluminous. Essential oils of osmanthus and bergamot are also added to remove excess oil and provide a delightful scent.


4. Pantene Micellar Shampoo

You’ve heard of micellar makeup removers, now micellar shampoos are the new kids on the block! Micellars serve as a mild way to cleanse impurities without stripping away the goodness of natural oils.

Pantene Micellar Taiwanese Shampoo & Treatment(Image credit: @lissworld86)

Normal shampoos can have harsh formulations that dry out the scalp or even cause adverse reactions for those with sensitive skin. Try a micellar option like this Taiwanese shampoo brand for a squeaky clean wash that’s not too overpowering!


Concerns such as oiliness, dandruff, or flat hair can put a damper on your spirits. Try out these Taiwanese shampoo alternatives to shake up your shower routine and pamper your locks! Your hair is your crowning glory after all, and having fabulous hair will do wonders to put a pep in your step.


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